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Blog Birthday Giveaway: Clinique Happy & Clinique Happy For Men

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This is a first for the blog, a His & Hers giveaway courtesy of Clinique Malaysia. It's Clinique's all time favourite fragrance Clinique Happy and Clinique Happy For Men. Personally I love it! It never fails to lift my mood. So here's a chance for you to win these two fragrances for you and your guy.

To win the Clinique Happy fragrances, tell me...

Who is your celebrity guy crush?

*My answer: I can't decide on just one so I'm going to give my top 3 - James Franco for his cheeky smile, it's infectious; Usher just because it's Usher, I need no reason for it *melts* and Channing Tatum because the guy can really move *and that smile..*.

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To join this giveaway, you have to LIKE Clinique Malaysia Facebook Page and be a FOLLOWER of Chocolate Cats. Leave you Follower ID and Email so that I can contact you in the event you are chosen as a winner. Winner will be picked at random. Open to Malaysian Residence only.

Thank you Clinique Malaysia and good luck guys!

Giveaway ends: 13th September 2014 (Saturday)

Giveaway has ended. Winners will be announced shortly. Thank you all for your entries!

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  1. Wentworth Miller!! He is so smart and handsome hehe!

    ID: Princess Neverland

  2. I love Brazilian model Chico Lachowski! He has impeccable eyebrows, chiseled features, sexy hair and is a loyal husband & baby daddy! Can't say no to that!

    ID: Samantha de Lune

    Love your helpful reviews! :)

  3. Happy birthday Chocolate Cats!

    My crush - LeeHom. Talented, caring, loving and happy man!

    ID: Shiro

  4. Happy birthday, Chocolate Cats! :) Such a cute blog name hehe. Anyway my male crush is DAVE FRANCO ♥ His smile, his eyes & his voice really melts me. Thanks for organizing this giveaway ♥

    Follower ID: Raine Lee

  5. Good morning :D

    There's no doubt my celeb guy crush would definitely be Leo DiCaprio! I know i know.. so many ppl teased me for this xD but hey Post-Titanic Leo is still super hot to me. All his recent films just proves to me that he's very talented, clever, amaazing actor! (Like seriously, Oscars come'on?!). Oh did i mentioned he's also a very passionate environmentalist? So, there goes my heart ♥

    Haha sorry for the long post, i'd get super excited when talking about Leo. Have a nice day! :)

    ID: Nora Wolfe
    nuranisah_91@rocketmail. com

  6. My Celebrity Crush would be Jang Dong-Gun. Handsome, Tall and Full of Charisma.

    ID: mdmkillemall

  7. Happy Birthday to Chocolate Cats Blog!!!

    My Celebrity Guy Crush is Alex O'Loughlin.

    Who is he?

    Alex O'Loughlin is an Australian actor, currently playing Lieutenant Commander Steve McGarrett on TV series of Hawaii Five-0.

    He is great actor, sexy body & charming!

    Follower ID : Puteri Panda
    Email :

  8. My favorite celebrity crush would be...
    Many people might not know him but it's okay, let me briefly introduce him to you :)
    He's a Taiwanese singer-song writer and he was raised in US, studied Jazz but he gave up his studies to chase his dream, makes music his life.
    He then returned to Taiwan with blessing from his parents, started his journey as a singer. It wasn't easy, especially when all the production company rejected his EP. But he was determined and never give up, so yea now he's kind of famous in the industry and received many awards for his achievements.
    I like him because of his determination, and he believes that sharing positivity will make the world become a better place.
    I hope you get to know him a little by now, thanks for reading! :D

    ID: Alice Tan

  9. OK can't resist taking part in this!

    So MY current celebrity crush is.. Tom Hiddleston!

    Why? Well he may not have the typical hunky build and the macho facial hair, but he makes up for it in charm, wit and aristocratic grace. He's got romance and personality oozing out of his ears! Articulate and oh-so British. All you need to do is listen to him recite poetry... *swoon*

    ID: HaZe


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