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Shu Uemura's Kitty Cat Christmas Party for Miu & Followers!

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Miu & Lucky Followers

I dare say it was the first of its kind at Shu Uemura. An amazingly fun party! The only way it could get any better if it were a Kitty Sleep Over Party! Lol!

Kitties were dressed to the nines. (Miu: Where's your Kitty Costume? Ears don't count.. ;p) I'll let the pictures do the talking..

Mingling Kitties

I don't remember my Cats' food looking this good.. lol!


Catman Serving Milk & Orange Drinks

Lurv the balloon arrangement..

Hissing at Wing's Tail.. What's it doing there?

My Wild Alley Cat Inspired Look for the Night

Frederick using the Tsumori Chisato Collection on Miu

Miu's Kitty Look

The 20 min make up challenge.. ANTM style..
By the time I finished my make up, I looked like one strange kitty..

My strange Kitty look..

Kitty's waiting to be judged

Stellar & Kit
Stellar won Best Costume & Make Up

Jean, Babygirl & Me

With Janice

With Wendy

I got a sneak peak at the Cat Jelly Cake.. ;)

Surprised Miu with Cake

Frederick's Afro Look..
Wait a minute, isn't it a Kitty theme..

With Shirley

"The Paw of Fame" by Miu

With Munching Miu..;p

Hurley lost his ears..

A few of Shu's Wonderful SA's who helped Kitties out with their make up..

Buaya Wing, Candy, Janice, Tutu J, Me

Shu's Goodie Bag, Wow!


Thanx loads Shu Uemura & Miu for an amazing party! Check out Miu's blog for more pics and links to other Kitty's blogs about the party..

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  1. i am! i am demure puss! muahha..

    nice post!!! and THANKS for the lovely birthday gift!

  2. u so damn sexy gilar !!! officially a catwoman nowwww....

  3. your outfit-- sexy la


  4. It's a great contrast..

    U're demure & i've gone wild! Lol!

  5. Jess & CY: It must be all that fur! Hehe..

  6. nice nice, my blog also got ur picture, come & grab some,
    black furry cat! Cute Cute !

  7. errr... fatin.

    that picture that you captioned "Stellar and Izzah".. that's actually ME.

    Kit. or as Miu calls me, Kitty.

    Hahahah. Or Iffah, actually. I think you heard me wrong when I introduced myself hahahahahah.

    wasn't it a GREAT party???


Appreciate your comments >_<