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Kiehl's Christmas Party

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It was FUN! Loads of food! Loads more cake! Doesn't this seem to be a pattern with me, if there's food it's fun.. Lol!

They had a balloon guy & a magician going around entertaining guests. Balloon guy fashioned a blue flower for me, which could've also double as a faux mini fan or a mini windmill. How cool is that. ;p

The Chocolate Cake was yummy, so was the yule log. I must remind myself to ask Miu of she knows where they got the cakes from.

Semi-cat pose ready to pounce on the food!

The food can't get anymore festive than this..

The cake gets FatiN's stamp of approval for yumminess! *Drool*

Can you see the lil' snowman waving?
It's saying, "Come closer & eat me".


I realised when I got home that I had a lot more pics of food. For some reason I seemed to be more interested in the food & as I recall was eating half the time (I must've have hungry.. Hehe). But I did take some non-food pics.. of people.. ;)

I keep bugging Thomas for everything.. Hehe

Miu - Still had time for the camera 15 mins before Avatar started.. ;p

"Hey Mr. Bones, my arm looks just as boney as yours."
"Are we related you think? Lol!"

Keihl's also had some games for us giving out limited edition mugs & full size products. I won 1! Yay for me! I remembered my answer: Brad Pitt! ;)

My multi-purpose blue flower/fan/windmill,
Mug & Creme de Corps Light-weight body lotion

They also unveiled their latest products that will be on shelves in January 2010. Presenting to you, The Acai Berry Range. Want to know what this range is about, Miu explains it in more detail, also has more pics of the party (Unlike me, she wasn't busy eating you see..).

I had loads of fun! Thanks Kiehl's for throwing a brilliant Xmas party! xoxo

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  1. Ooo nice and yummy post! So sad I was away that day. I would have been like you, eating...

    Congrats on winning those cool prizes! They were generous, giving out LE stuff and full size products. Man!

  2. nice post!! gosh i really have to blog it up too!!!! haven't got time to sit down n to think..nowadays...

    blog burnt out//sigh..

    the cakes n pastries is by i think.. or just google fatboybakes

    nice pics plent n ur brad pitt answer.. WAY TO GO proud of u heee!!! we're all so clueless!!!

  3. how come you get invites to all these cool parties? :( *envy*

  4. Abby : I'm sure there'll be more parties to come next year.. :)

    Miu : You need rest! Take your time.. :)

    I'm gonna check out FatBoyBakes for the cakes.. Hehe

    Lisa : Hi Lisa :) You can check out the brand's FB/site/outlet for any events.. Also check out other blogs for any updates.. :)


Appreciate your comments >_<