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Review: Clinique Turnaround Concentrate Extra Radiance Renewer

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This would probably be one of the first few reviews on this product. *big smiles* I've had the chance to try out the NEW Clinique Turnaround Concentrate Extra Radiance Renewer. As with all new products, I'm curious to see if this will work on me.

Compared to the old formula this new one delivers results twice as fast as the previous Turnaround Concentrate formula - dramatic improvements in skin tone and smoothness in just 4 weeks instead of 8. Additionally, skin translucency is immediately improved by 74%. This is clinically proven and guaranteed.

With a description as sure as that I couldn't wait to take up the challenge. Just so you know, I have oily-combination, acne prone skin with uneven skin tone due to acne scars. What makes it even more of a pain is that my scars take forever to lighten and this usually makes my skin look dull. *moans*

I have been using the Turnaround Concentrate Extra Radiance Renewal together with my Clinique 3-Step. My skin type is 3. I apply it after the Clarifying Lotion followed by a moisturiser. I realised that half a pump was enough to apply to my whole face. Trust me, a little goes a long way. Due to it's exfoliating properties, it has to be applied in an upward motion.

A pump dispenser is always plus point. It has a light silky texture that is easily applied onto the skin and absorbs quickly without feeling sticky. It has no scent, which is good with a luminous white colour. I have been using this twice a day, morning and night, for the past 4 weeks. I actually saw a difference in the first week itself. My skin appeared brighter.

4 weeks later, I was amazed at what I saw! My complexion looked loads brighter with my acne scars appear significantly lighter. I noticed my skin texture had  improved, it had become smoother and softer. I also use to have tiny bumps but that reduced by more than half. The peeling bits on my nose which is sometimes dehydrated also seems to have disappeared. Despite the moisturising properties of the product my skin didn't feel any more oilier than usual but it felt comfortable. As a whole, I looked radiant! My skin was awake. Seriously!

Some time in that last week, I had a skin care demonstration done on me as part of the blogging thing and the SA that was applying the product to my face actually told me my skin felt very smooth. I'm assuming it was something she didn't expect especially looking at my superficial indented acne scars. My skin has never been described that way before, it's usually that my skin has a lot of bumps or it looks dull. I was well pleased. The only new product I've added to my skin care regime in that past 4 weeks was the Turnaround Concentrate Extra Radiance Renewer and it really seems to be doing wonders for my skin.

Photos were taken before I started using the product and after 4 weeks 
I had no make up on in the photos except for a slick of gloss ^^. The photos don't really do justice to the results, the lighting didn't help either. And I couldn't exactly capture how smooth my skin texture has become. But I think you should be able to see how radiant my skin looks. ^^

The questions that I've been getting from my friends about this product is, has it made me fairer or has my skin tone gone a few shades lighter? Well, not that I've noticed. I mean my foundation shade is still the same. My complexion is brighter because my skin tone has evened out and the dead skin cells have been effectively removed. Trust me I'm not into the trying to make myself fairer thing. I lurv my medium tan skin tone! *lolz*

I don't believe in miracle products. But what I do believe in is finding a product that suits my skin which really works. This one works for me! 9 weeks on and I'm still using it. Now all I need to do is sort out the indented scars and I'm on the way to flawless skin *wishful thinking.. sigh*. But I highly recommend you guys try out Clinique's New Turnaround Concentrate Extra Radiance Renewer! :)

Visit the nearest Clinique outlet for a skin consult and find out if this suits you. It launches on 26/10/11 in Malaysia and will retail at RM200 / 30ml and RM280 / 50ml.

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  1. thank for your good posting!
    I think this essence is good!

  2. I tried this serum thought it was good but wasnt sure so I switched to an olay serum to save which caused huge breakouts, swollen cheeks and clogged pores. I want to go back but I was wondering, which did you like more. The Turnaround or the smart repair.
    Thanks in advance!



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