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It's finally over - The Tea Ceremony and Wedding Reception

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I haven't had a hectic weekend in a long while and I'm still recovering from it. *yawns* Yesterday evening was Part 2 of my friend's wedding. There was loads to do as I was helping out as well but everything came together in the end.

Amidst the chaos I had to somewhat sort myself out. I was cutting it real close though. Thankfully make up was the least of my worries because I was in the hands of Zamri, Lancome's National Make up Artist. *phewh*

I lurved what Zam did for my eyes!! He also used Maison Lancome blush and Blush Subtil Rose in Rose Melba. I rather fancied the sweet pink colour for my lips, it's L'Absolu Creme De Brilliance 320. Needless to say, I bought it! :)

That done, I did a mad dash to the hotel to get change for the tea ceremony which was due to start in 45 minutes. I did say I was cutting it close.

Loads of angpows being given out. I tried passing myself off as a "child" to get one but heck that didn't work despite the cutesy oufit. Lol!

After the swift session it was another quick change for dinner. Yes I had two outfits and no I wasn't the one getting married. Though that seems to be a popular question posed to me over the past few years. My fave responses are either, "Do you really need to be nosey?" *grunts* or "I'm waiting for Peter Petrelli!" *drools*. Really I was fine with just the one but my friend convinced me to have a second one for dinner since I rarely make wedding appearances. I'm pretty sure they felt very honoured by my presence. Lmao!!

The Bride

Spotted in the newly weds room, Lancome Tresor In Love! The Bride's choice!

As always make up by Zam looks ah-mazing!

Nails: OPI A Good Mandarin Is Hard To Find
*wonder what they meant by that..*

Went for a more elegant look for dinner

As guests waited eagerly for the big entrance, I was running around with laptop in hand and a bunch of tissues getting ready for the maid of honour's speech and duties. No that wasn't me either. I would've have gone bonkers with that responsibility but I was told that I may actually have to take it on at some point of time. Errkk...

The evening went on well, the happy couple enjoyed their special moment, food in abundance and terrible singing by a local celebrity, but that's another story altogether. By the time everything ended I was pooped! Wishing loads of happiness and awesome times to the newly weds! You guys were made for each other! :)

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  1. Your make up and your hair looks fab!

  2. I love weddings! more pictures please...

  3. Looks like you had fun playing dressing up!!Hey, who is the local celebrity you were taking about? Tell, tell!


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