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YSL Black Opium

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YSL Black Opium came out late last year. I remembering smelling the original Opium, my first thought, oh that's heavy. Second thought, it smells very original and I assume something new at the time, now a very classic fragrance.

Black Opium is a rock'n'roll interpretation of the classic, highlighting a dark and mysterious side. The Black Opium Girl is a modern Rock Chick who lives life with passion and dares to be different. It opens with Pink Pepper and Orange Blossom with Jasmine and Coffee at its heart. While Vanilla, Patchouli and Sandalwood makes up the base. I was struggling to pin point the top notes because the scent was very overwhelming sweet and sticky even after a few minutes. Something very cotton candy-like but ten times more. After it settled the pink pepper and and strong jasmine took over. A hazey mix of woody vanilla kicked in a bit later. I love vanilla scents but I thought this one was just too sweet for me. I'm not sure how it's suppose to represent dark and edgy because I feel it's more of a grown up version of a girly scent, if that makes sense. But that's just me.

Now the bottle however does rock'n'roll really well. The black sequined version of the original bottle is very glam rock. I picture rock concerts, wild nights and stumbling in at 6am, and rewind. And I like Edie Campbell in this campaign.

YSL Black Opium is available at major department stores.

*Product is press sample.

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