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The Body Shop - Change It's In Your Hands

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You can help to make a CHANGE. If you're a regular at The Body Shop stores, you might already have seen this. The iconic Almond Hand & Nail Cream and Hemp Hand Protector is now in a bold new limited edition packaging re-designed by one of the world's most renowned street artist - EINE. Using EINE famous typography the Almond Hand & Nail Cream and Hemp Hand Protector communicates the positive and powerful message, CHANGE. Reminiscent with The Body Shop mission to make a difference in peoples lives on a worldwide scale it truly puts the power to change in the palm of your hands.

For every limited edition Almond Hand & Nail Cream and Hemp Hand Protector, purchased £1.50 will be donated to The Body Shop Foundation, the charitable arm of The Body Shop International. Your donation will support the Foundation's goal of raising £300,000 to protect and enrich the planet, the oceans and animals or people. And how the money is split is up to you as every purchase you make gives you the ability to vote for the cause closest to your heart. The power to make a positive difference really is in your hands.

From Berlin to Beijing, London to Los Angeles and many places in between, EINE's signature style has dominated the streets over 30 years. From his early days tagging in London to worldwide sell-out gallery shows and a coveted collaboration with Louis Vuitton, the life of EINE has been one of immense change. EINE spreads colourful, positive, evocative messaging around the world just like The Body Shop.

EINE first discovered The Body Shop in the eighties, and was impressed with the pioneering spirit of the company and felt that The Body Shop was  "Ground breaking and boundary-pushing. They were talking about Fair Trade and environmental issues way before it was on the global agenda. A global company with a very big and vocal  conscience". He believes the ethos of the brand now is as strong as ever and that the Enrich Not Exploit commitment is "so positive - supporting local producers as well as global issues that really need to be on the agenda".

This is why The Body Shop x EINE = Change product collaboration works in perfect synergy. "This is a great product, using an amazing ingredient - Buy it because it works and because it does some good." - EINE

Almond Hand & Nail Cream is a firm favourite across the globe and is mine for sure. One tube is sold every 26 seconds. It contains the manicurist's secret ingredient: sweet almond oil, which help soften hands and condition nails.

Hemp Hand Protector was launched in 1998 and has gained a cult beauty following for giving hands and intense moisture hit. Hemp contains a high level of essential fatty acids, perfect for keeping you skin conditioned. And with the cold-pressed oil of 950 hemp seeds crammed into every 100ml tube, this ultra efficacious formula helps soften and nourish the hardiest of hands.

Hemp Hand Protector is the number one go-to product for heavy duty hydration for hard-working hands so it made sense to partner with renowned street artist EINE. In fact, one is sold every 9 seconds across the globe.

The limited edition Almond Hand & Nail Cream and Hemp Hand Protector are now available in stores. A 100ml tube of either one retails at RM59.00. So drop by your nearest store to purchase a tube and vote for a cause closest to your heart. 


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