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The Wildest Christmas at The Body Shop

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It's a different type of Christmas at The Body Shop this year. It was all kinds of wild!

The Body Shop went back to nature as much as possible when they had their Christmas do at The KL Bird Park recently. It was as close to a 'Christmas in the rainforest' as it could get and it was fantastic. I  mean only at a Body Shop party will you find a hornbill parading around it's majestic form nearby, some feathered guests at lunch, a family of monkeys passing by and a squirrel scurrying past. It wasn't only about Christmas, but it was also to learn and understand about The Body Shop's latest Bio-Bridge project. So I'm going to tell you guys about the Bio-Bridge first and right after that, everything you can expect for Christmas gifting and how you can help.

In celebration of The Body Shop 40th Anniversary and life-long dedication to campaigning against animal testing, this year they are going to help isolated animals find romance by buidling a Bio-Bridge. I'm sure you guys have noticed that there has been a lot of news on the wild animals in this country losing their habitats and not making it across highways due to poor planning and lack of importance placed on animal rights. So with a Bio-Bridge hopefully such news will not pop up but animals will be able to find love and bring up the numbers.

A Bio-Bridge will not only continue to protect endangered animals in Vietnam but they are also launching two new projects in Indoneisa and Malaysia. A Bio-Bridge is a natural corridor that re-connects damaged habitats allowing Reggie and other critically endangered animals like Sumatran Tigers, Malayan Tigers, Asian Elephants and Sumatran Orangutans to meet their match.

Malayan Tiger Copyright - Jake Leong (via The Body Shop Malaysia)

Asian Elephant copyright Yeap Chin Aik (via The Body Shop Malaysia)

Bornean Sun Bear copyright Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Centre
(via The Body Shop Malaysia)

Great Hornbill copyright Yeap Chin Aik (via The Body Shop Malaysia)

In Malaysia, The Body Shop will be partnering with Wildlife Conservation Society-Malaysia (WCS-Malaysia), a program of the Wildlife Conservation Society an international, non-governmental organisation. WCS's goal is to conserve the world's largest wild places in 15 priority regions, home to more than 50% of the world's biodiversity. In Malaysia, WCS Malaysia monitors tigers in their habitats and works with stakeholders to protect them via supporting anti-poaching patrols and helping to secure critical habitats (bio-bridges) for them and their prey.  The sole purpose of the project is to increase the population of critically endangered Malayan tigers. They are working with partners to prevent habitat fragmentation, a huge threat to endangered animals, and thereby allow critically endangered wildlife to roam in a larger protected landscape of Endau-Rompin Landscape (ERL) in Johor and Pahang. The landscape is one of the oldest tropical rainforest complexes in the world and even though it is considered species rich and biologically diverse, parts of it has been heavily logged and cleared.  In key wildlife corridor sites, farms and commercial agricultural plantations threaten iconic species such as the endangered Malayan tigers and Asian elephants. These fragmented landscape areas are where Bio-Bridges are seen as crucial for continued movements of endangered animals and the long-term viability of their species.

Endau-Rompin Landscape - Malaysia
Copyright - Wildlife Conservation Society Malaysia (via The Body Shop Malaysia)

Endau-Rompin Landscape - Malaysia copyright - Aquawalk Sdn Bhd
(via The Body Shop Malaysia)

The ERL is one of the three landscapes in Malaysia where the critically endangered Malayan Tigers have a chance for long-term survival. WCS-Malaysia has a good working understanding of the threat of poaching and is working continuously with local authorities to craft and support incisive law enforcement responses. These efforts have led to conservation successes and this includes the prevention of the breaking of a key corridor region in the ERL. Beyond the large iconic tigers and elephants are numerous rare and endangered species including the Asian tapirs, bearded pigs, pangolins, sambar deer and sun bears, which will also benefit from the creation of Bio-Bridges in this area.

The Body Shop Malaysia is committed to this Bio-Bridge programme and to show their engagement, they will continuously be funding WCS-Malaysia over the next five years in its conservation and protection project via the “Kick the Bag” campaign which has benefited several NGOs over the years. The Bio-Bridge programme benefits from two fronts.  RM0.50 is collected and donated to the fund from customers for every bag taken; but if a bag is declined, The Body Shop will also donate RM0.50 to the fund. These fundscollected will be used by WCS-Malaysia in their conservation project to restore the Bio-Bridge in Endau Rompin and to protect the Malayan Tigers.

So in support of what The Body Shop is planning to do starting Christmas this year, you can also do your part. For every specially selected gift you buy this Christmas The Body Shop will help protect endangered creatures and restore 1 square metre of rainforest. This means that Reggie the Red-shanked douc, a monkey, will be able to find "The One" and who has been honoured with Reggie Bath Sponges for Christmas!

Gifts at The Body Shop! This years' seasonal limited edition scents are Spiced Apple, Frosted Berries and Vanilla Chai. My pick this year is Vanilla Chai beacuse I have a ridiculous obessession for warm vanilla scents, reminds me of desserts! Spiced Apple is made with cold-pressed apple seed oil from The Alps. The aroma of freshly baked apples is warmed with notes of cinnamon and freshened with the crispness of orange and white flowers for a deliciously fragrant blend you’ll pick every time. Frosted Berries made with Cranberries from North America is a beautiful balance of fresh notes of cranberry, blackcurrant and raspberry with white flowers, creamy praline and sweet vanilla. While Vanilla Chai made with hand-picked vanilla from Madagascar is a creamy milk and addictive vanilla scent peppered with notes of warm cinnamon, cardamom and sweetened with brown sugar. What did I tell ya.. doesn't that sound delicious?

Apart from the seasonal scents, there will also be gifts sets from the usual range in various packaging. There's something for everyone at any price range. The tins always make special gift, there are stocking fillers if you are buying for a whole bunch of people and you can also 'create your own' gift boxes and bags with The Body Shop's bold packaging inspired by the wildest colours and prints.

Christmas has already arrived at The Body Shop and should be in full swing by the time December rolls around.. in two winks. Make sure you drop by your favourite store or check out if you're doing some online shopping. Remember to  help Reggie and friends!

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