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Clinique Skincare & Make Up Workshop - Part 1

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The Clinique workshop held on Saturday at Sime Darby Convention Centre was organised by Women’s Weekly for its readers. I got there about 9.20 am. Why so early you wonder. I woke up at 6 am, so I figured might as well.

Two plateful of cookies greeted me after I registered. What a way to start off the morning. Cookies.. ;p

About 10 am we were ushered into the Eugenia Room. 5 tables were set up and provided with a range of skincare products. Looks fun already!

My table was attended by 2 counter managers. We were introduced to the skincare products starting with their signature 3-step routine. The 3-step products are categorised according to skin type. I’m a type 3 – combination skin which is oilier on the t-zone but cheeks are comfortable without moisturiser.

1) Make Up Remover

2) Cleanser - Liquid Facial Soap

3) Clarifying Lotion - Formulas for oilier skin help sweep away oil, maintain clearer skin.

4) Dramatically Different Moisturising Gel - To replenish oil. As my skin type is 3, a gel moisturiser is more suitable as it’s oil-free as well as having an oil control effect.

5) Eye Cream

Moisture Surge - To reduce dark circles & puffiness

Derma White - Brightening effect. It comes in 2 containers. For day & night. The day eye cream has Spf 15 for sun protection.

6) Hydratant - To replenish water.

7) Super City Block Oil-Free Daily Face Protector SPF 40- Tinted. It comes in Spf 25 & 40. Can be worn alone or as an invincible make up primer.

* I personally have been using Clinique Super City Sunblock Spf 25 for 7 years now. It definitely protects and acts as a good base. It also suits my skin.

8) Mask

Exfoliating Mask - For a more radiant skin tone. Though may not be suitable for skin suffering from acne.

Deep Cleansing Mask – Suitable for oily skin and those suffering from acne.

Now this was what I was disappointed with. I didn’t get to try the Instant Facial Mask! I was looking forward to this as I was contemplating on whether I should purchase this product. It promotes surface cell turnover on multiple levels to instantly unveil skin that's fresher, more vibrant and even-toned

Whilst the other tables were taking their time trying the products, my table was going through the steps at near lightning speed that the SAs who attended to us totally left out the mask step. Am I serious? Yes! By the time we finished steps 1 through 7 the rest of the tables were taking their time applying the mask. When I asked the SAs about the left out mask step, neither of them could answer me. Instead they tried to make up for the lost step by saying that we could try the mask on our hand instead. There wasn’t really a point to that. I think everyone at my table was terribly disappointed.

We waited for everyone else to finish their skincare steps before going for tea break. Finger foods and light refreshments were served.

Read on next post for make up session... :)

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