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Clinique Skincare & Make Up Workshop - Part 2

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Make up artists from different brands have their own way and style of applying make up. At the workshop David shared with the participants Clinique's know-hows & how to's when it comes to make up.

Clinique Make Up 101

David who conducted this session said, “Make up is about options, not about rules”. He went on to show us how to get the perfect fresh look. After demonstrating on one of the participants, we were left to our on devices. ;)


1) Foundation – Custom Fit

 • When looking for colour, try at the jaw line.

• Check skin undertone – either cool/warm.

• When applying foundation, blend downwards with a foundation brush.

• If you want to sit the foundation in, warm up the palms of your hands and press in on your skin.

• Concealer – Either for blemishes or under eye.

Tip : Mix concealer with a bit of foundation then apply to blemish or scar to last longer.

2) Loose Powder

• Pour a bit of powder into your palms and press in i.e. powder rub down.

• Blend away access with brush.

3) Blusher

• Smile!

• Press brush onto apple of cheeks and sweep towards hairline in upwards motion.

• For a pop of colour, tap a bit on apple of cheeks.
4) Eyeshadow

• Apply base – Blend all over lids to brighten up eye and to make eyeshadow last longer especially on oily lids.
• Types – High shimmer, Light weight shimmer, Matte
• Brush used on eye area depends on how big or small the area is.
• Lightly tap on lids.
• Note : Clinique brushes are anti-bacterial.

5) Eyeliner

• To apply – Press ring finger on top of eyelid and draw.

6) Mascara

• Look down, sweep wand downwards.
• Open eye and apply with zig zag motion upwards.
• Clinique mascara naturally curls eyelashes without use of curler.
Tip : To curl naturally, rub finger into palm to warm it up then put onto lash pushing upwards after applying mascara.

High Impact Curling Mascara. This Mascara Is Amazing! I have one.. ;)

7) Eyebrow

• Fill in eyebrow lightly with pencil and blend with brush for natural look.

8) Lips

• Again, smile! and apply.

• Lip Pencil – Fill in lips with lip pencil for lipstick to last longer.

• Choose between lipstick and/or lipgloss.

• Gloss – Dab on centre of lips and blend outwards.


Lip Smoothie. Texture was light.

The make up session was fun. I got to try Clinique’s new Lip Smoothie in Raisin. Love the colour. Also love the Fresh Bloom All Over Colour in Camelia.


All Over Bloom in Camelia. Doesn't it look so pretty!
I have this one in Peony.

A table was set up outside the room to enable participants to purchase any of their products after the session. Makes things very convenient.




Each participant left with a cute mini tote with goodies inside, High Impact Mascara Travel Size, Fresh Bloom in Peony Charm Size, Super City Sunblock Spf 40 Travel Size, Voucher for a Free Personal Makeup Workshop worth RM100 and a RM30 Gift Voucher. Love Clinique!




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