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Review: Lancôme Absolue L'Extrait

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Not exactly the bloom I had in mind but these are some amazing roses! If you guys remember I introduced the Lancôme Absolue L'Extrait about 4 weeks back. Read post here. A few days after that post I managed to bring myself to open the jar and start using the cream that promises wonders with a super high price tag. Did I see a difference? Oh yes I did!

Before I go on to the review, I'm going to do a short recap on what the Absolue L'Extrait is about just in case some of you guys might be lazy to read the full intro post. But do read it though to better understand this luxury cream.

Lancome Absolue L'Extrait is a concentrate of Lancome Rose stem cells which stimulates the cells found in the dermal layer of the skin thereby trigering the self renewal process. Which basically means it is suppose to make your skin more youthful with improved radiance and smoother texture.

It is housed in a heavy onyx glass jar with a gold top which is beyond luxe. I didn't get the full package with the gold box but I tell you even without it you just know it's something special.

Despite being excited about pampering my skin with such a lavish product, I was a tad apprehensive about it at first. Reason being the rich texture that is usually not suitable for my skin. So the first four days I used it at night only on my face and neck. I scooped it out using my own spatula as I wasn't provided with the fancy double sided petal. I used about half a pea size. Any more I think would be a bit much for my skin to handle. Amazingly enough the rich cream absorbs easily into the skin without leaving a greasy feel at all.

After the application, I went on to massage bit. Alan, Lancome's Skincare Trainer taught me to massage the cream into the skin using a part of my hand. Yes, it's possible. Using the same circular motion which would have been used with the petal, I moved my hand upwards. My skin felt refreshed after.

Looking at how well my skin took to the cream I decided to use it in the mornings as well.  Using the same amount with the same massage technique. My foundation stayed on surprisingy well despite the thick cream texture. Ooh and the gorgeous Lancome signature rose scent is loads more intense in this cream and I'm so lurving it!

So here's what I noticed after the first week. My skin feel well moisturised and hydrated without feeling extra oily. The intriguing part is that I found my skin to be a lot more balanced. Meaning it's less oily! I kid you  not! I didn't think that was even possible. 

After the morning use trial, I continued using Absolue L'Extrait morning and night for 4 weeks and I saw significant improvement with my skin and complexion. As a whole I noticed my skin to be a lot more balanced and better moisturised. My skin tone evened out slightly and my skin texture feels smoother. My complexion was loads more radiant and brighter too. I'm blowing my own trumpet here but I think it looks good even without makeup. I'm impressed! Though I don't think I managed to capture the difference in the before-after photos. *new camera? sigh..*

*Note: I had no make up on in the before-after photos except for mascara and lippie. The after photos are taken 4 weeks after I started using the cream.

I know it's a hefty price tag on this product and I'm not sure if I will purchase it on my own at present but it is a product that is at the top of my list if my budget allows me to splurge a bit more in the future. To the awesome people at Lancome Malaysia, thanks loads for the oppurtunity to try out this amazing product!

Lancome Absolue L'Extrait retails at RM1,500.00 and is available at all Lancome counters nationwide. Don't forget to follow Lancome Malaysia on facebook for latest updates.

*Note: Product courtesy of Lancome Malaysia.

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