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Anna Sui Christmas 2011 - Masquerade Collection: Metallic Colour

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It's the holiday season and it's time to dazzle. Anna Sui's Christmas 2011 Masquerade Collection will do just that. This collection brings you all the delicate details to complete you party look. If you're looking to make your eyes the centre of attention try Anna Sui's latest Metallic Colour. It comes in six sparkling shades to create gorgeous eyes and give a stunning effect.

I thought this metallic eye colour was a pretty fascinating idea. Instead of applying glitter on my eyelids only to have the excess fall off covering my face in glitter now it might actually stay on the lids. The colours I have are Metallic Blue (100), Metallic Yellow (800) and Metallic Purple (200). They also come with Anna Sui's signature tea rose scent. *sigh* Applying it is pretty easy because it comes with a fine brush tip which makes applying it as a liner doable just expect a thicker line instead of a thin one. I tried it out with the blue one, see photo below.

The glitter particles are fine with a light gel-like base. To get more glitter on the lids I find using a dabbing motion places the glitter onto the lids whereas applying it across gives a tinge of colour with slight glitter. Really depends on the effect you prefer. When it dries it feels comfortable on the lids not heavy making lids difficult to move, thanks to the flexible film in the formula.

The only gripe I have about it is that it takes quite a while to completely dry. It's alright when I applied a single layer but when I applied a few more layers to get that wow effect, I had to wait it out for a good while with my eyes closed because blinking causes it to crease when still wet. *sits in front of a fan* Removing it is really simple, just use a good eye makeup remover and clean in between lashes with a cotton bud to get those rogue glitter bits out.

The Colours
The Metallic Blue comes in a blue tinted base to accentuate the blue shimmer. On its own, the blue already had a great effect. So I decided to try this one out as a liner on top of blue eye colour. Turned out great don't you think. Then I thought I'd out it on the entire lid. *Showtime Baby!* So Burlesque and Moulin Rouge. My fave colour out of the three!

With Metallic Yellow which I thought was gold at first, comes in a clear base. Great for putting accents around the eyes. I tried applying it as a winged tip and it came out nice and glitzy. Well it really went with the gold top I was wearing at the time. ^^

Metallic Purple is purple shimmer in a purple tinted base. I found the purple one to have a softer effect. When I tried applying it on its own on my lids, the purple didn't really show, so I applied a light purple shadow as a base and the colour popped really nice.

It retails at RM72. Available now at all Anna Sui counters.

Note: Product provided by the PR company for Anna Sui Malaysia.

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  1. Wow! The blue one looks really good on you, both as a liner and all-over colour. :D

  2. i love this anna sui collection. It looking nice. i want! i want! :D


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