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Lancôme Rénergie Yeux Multiple Lift

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Lately I've noticed that my dark circles have been getting more challenging to cover up. I have even had to resort to a corrector underneath my concealer. It's pretty obvious my 5 hours sleep a night and hours of staring at the laptop/pc screen a day is getting the better of me.

I recently did a skin analysis at one of Lancôme's counters and though I will not mention the number but my skin age is not looking good, contributed 70% by the state of my dark circles. *moans* The analysis machine that Alan, Lancôme's resident skincare specialist used is the latest using the 'facial biometric' system. If it sounds like one of those fancy machines used in movies like Bourne Trilogy or Mission Impossible, well it's the same technology. And yes it was pretty cool! Though it didn't take one of my most flattering photos. *screams in horror*

The latest from Lancôme is a luxurious double-formula eye care simultaneously promotes 6 visible rejuvenating effects of two formulas which perfectly compliments one another - a firmer eye contour, eyelids which look 'lifted', minimised crow's feet, fine lines and wrinkles, diminished dark circles, a visibly more luminous eye contour and reduced under eye puffiness. Lancôme Renergie Yeux Multiple Lift is capable of promoting a visibly younger-looking appearance for the entire eye contour area.

The double-formula is housed in a single case which means you'll never bring one without the other. Pretty smart, leaving things behind is nothing new to me. The lower container holds the eye cream, it's rich yet delicate and offers intense hydration for the delicate skin of the eye contour. It gives the eyes a comfortable and nourished feeling, readying it for the illuminating treatment. The upper container  holds a formula inspired by Asian BB creams. It has a light tinted texture which blends easily into the skin and adapts to skintones. It leaves behind an immaterial light that makes the eyes appear more luminous.

These two formulas have to be applied in a specific way in order to maximize the action. This massage ritual is inspired by lifting techniques which requires the eyes to be cared for in its entirety. It would be great if some one would do this for me everytime but that's usually an excuse to be lazy and not apply it at all. Lol! Apply Renergie Yeux Multiple Lift every morning to clean skin before applying make up.

Step 1
Take a small amount of cream, warm it up with your fingers and apply it to the eye contour following the 3 steps which follow. Start with the inner corner and smooth your fingers gently over the skin.
- Under the eye, smooth over any puffiness or dark circles.
- On the upper eyelid, inlcuding over the eybrow.
- From the outer corner of the eye up to the temple to smooth out crow's feet.
Repeat each movement three times.

Step 2
After applying the cream, apply the protective illuminating treatment with the fingertips over three specific areas - The inner corner of the eyes, Dark circles and puffiness and Below the brows. Carry out light, circular movements until the texture blends into the skin. You can apply concealer on top of the illuminating treatment.

Results will depend on your lifestyle ie enough sleep, not straining your eyes in front of the lappie too long etc. I'm taking on this challenge and starting tomorrow I will incorporate Renergie Yeux Multiple Lift into my daily skincare routine and attempt to get more sleep, though I may not be able to do anything with spending too much time in front of the lappie *sigh*. After 4 weeks I'll get my skin reanalysed, focusing on the eyes. I will also do another post with before and after photos. Hopefully you'll see my eyes looking less aged and dark circles less intense by then. Lol! *crosses fingers*

Lancôme Renergie Yeux Multiple Lift retails at RM235 and is available now at all Lancôme counters.

Note: Product provided by Lancôme Malaysia.

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  1. Honestly, you look fine with or without the analysis...

  2. thanx anonymous.. :) but wait til you see the before photos.. lol


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