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Cafe Vienna @ Lot 10

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A new place in town! That corner lot on the second floor right outside Isetan Lot 10 finally opened on Friday last week. So excited coz this meant that I'd be able to try out new desserts. *grinss*

As I walked in I was rather impressed with the decor. It had a wonderful European aura about it. Only later did I find out from Florence, one of Cafe Vienna's managers that all the furniture, fittings, prints as well as the wall paper were imported all the way from Austria by the owner! He wanted it to have an original Austrian feel from the food right down to the decor. Despite the feeling of classic simplicity, it's rather cozy and a great place to just chill out.

I'm liking the mirror effect up above

Noticed that each clock stops at a different times

Cafe Vienna serves quite a variety of dishes. Most of which are traditionally Austrian, from Schnitzel, Veal Bratwust to Kaiserschmavn and strudel. The cakes are freshly made and are kept no longer than 2 days to ensure freshness.

First stop, cake display. I had already decided that it would be a dessert outing. :P And then it got Wild..

Salzburger Nockerl - RM14

Soufflé that assembles the 3 mountain of Salzburg served with hot cream, apricot jam, raspberry and chocolate sauce.


Notice how high the Soufflé rose

A typical Austrian dessert from the region of Salzburg.

It left a trail of delicious aroma as the waiter placed it on my table which nearly floored me. It looked impressive in the soufflé dish. My first thought when I had the first bite - lovely!  Smooth, light and practically melted in my mouth. It wasn't too sweet, which made it go so well with the hot cream and raspberry sauce.

I  ♥ the Salzburger Nockerl!

Chocolate Caramel Banana - RM12.50

Chocolate dessert for chocolate lovers.

Chocolate sponge topped with mashed banana covered with chocolate caramel mousse  and chocolate icing. Dusted with chocolate bits to finish. (Wow, that's a mouthful of chocolate!)

Flavours that go really well together. The chocolate mousse was smooth and light, not too sweet. The dark chocolate icing, rich. But I found the sponge a tad bit dry. Otherwise I quite liked it. :)

Sacher - RM12.50
(aka Sachertorte aka Chocolate Cake)

Served with whipped cream (traditionally served this way) and best enjoyed with a shot of espresso.

The most classic of Viennese desserts. The last time I had a yummy Sachertorte was on my trip to Vienna.. ;)

More cream please..

The chocolate icing is so camera friendly :P

Look at how the apricot jam spills out by the sides

With a dollop of cream

A dense chocolate sponge with a layer of apricot jam in between, topped with a generous layer of dark chocolate icing. The chocolate was rich but not sweet. This made me enjoy the chocolate experience even more. And to have it served with whipped cream just added to the richness of the Sachertorte. But I found the chocolate sponge to be a tad bit dry. Still, this is a must try for chocolate lovers!

I was told by Florence that some people prefer it to be served without the cream. Seriously.. they don't know what they're missing out on. What is Sachertorte without the cream. ;)

Raspberry Vanilla Cream - RM12.50

A favourite among Viennese women and best enjoyed with Darjeeling Tea.

Enticing thick layer of cream

I just had to.. Lol!

Truthfully it was the red lips sitting pretty on top that attracted me to it. Lol! It is a vanilla sponge with swirls of raspberry coated in a thick layer of smooth rich cream. Raspberry and cream always goes so well together. The sponge cake was also a tad bit dry. Otherwise this is perfect for a light afternoon tea.

Will I go back?

I'll be back for sure! I'd lurv to try out their other desserts and maybe some food too, if I ever make it past the dessert section. 

Where is it?

Cafe Vienna
Cafe and Restaurant
Lot No: S 23-27, 02nd Floor,
No. 5o Lot 10 Shopping Centre,
Jalan Sultan Ismail,
50250 Kuala Lumpr.
Tel: 03-2141 7858

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  1. ahh cafe vienna looks like a MUST VISIT joint for me too~!
    love your review ~ haha bet you had a hearty meal also~

    yummy i wanna go raspberry kissing...and then the Soufflé

    slurp slurppp**

  2. hearty meal will be on my next trip.. that was Tea Time.. ;p

    you have to make a trip there stellar! i like the atmosphere & great place to be camera happy too.. *winks*

  3. The dessert looks so appetizing!! Yes, u really go wild on the dessers hahah :) Love the interior too!

  4. I couldn't help myself.. the desserts were calling my name.. ;p

  5. the interior is so beautiful! definitely for thirsty camera time, and also tummy time!

    xoxo elle

  6. elle: you'll lurv the place for sure.. :)

  7. What a neat place to eat at!

  8. wanna give u a big kiss on ur red lips!!!! hehehe~

  9. Lisa: thanx loads for dropping by.. will come your way soon.. :)

  10. jean: then we should both have red lips! lol!!


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