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Scrub & Mask Routine

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Something I try to do twice a week but lately it has only been every Sunday. I've been using the Clinique Turnaround Instant Facial for the past few years now and have somehow neglected to review it. Shame on me! I found these two sample size Origins masks that came with some other Origins products while I was clearing my stash and figured I'd include it in my usual scrub-mask routine.

Clinique Turnaround Instant Facial
This is love! It makes my complexion look fresh and radiant (not fair) in just 5 minutes! It's nothing like your usual scrub. Clinique describes this as a high-performance facial that delivers all the radiance and smoothness of microdemabrasion with minimal irritation and stress to skin. It promotes surface cell turnover on multiple levels. I've done microdermabrasion before and it's an abrasive treatment for a reason.  With Clinique Turnaround Instant Facial I get that clear radiant skin result minus the irritation. It has this micro granules that works on the skin surface to effectively get rid of the dead skin cells.

One of the reasons that made my purchase it was because it leaves this sparkly finish after washing it off. It's brilliant to pass off as an extra in one of the Twilight movies. Lol! Don't worry it does go off. It's really easy to use, just apply a thin layer, leave it on 5 minutes then wet it and gently massage the granules over the skin to complete the exfoliation process. Rinse off. I have not experience any irritation while using this. Just makes sure not to apply too much pressure while massaging. I usually follow with a hydration mask.

Origins Clear Improvement
Another one I've previously used but have not done a review. Really don't know why. Origins Clear Improvement is an active charcoal mask that clears the pores. The Activated Charcoal acts like a magnet to draw out pore-cloggers, while the White China Clay absorbs environmental pollutants and Lecithin dissolves impurities. This works really well for me. It has a fluid texture which makes it easy to apply. It has not distinct scent and dries down to a powder-like texture. My skin looks and feels much cleaner after using it. It really does cool down the the skin after. You have to use it correctly thought for it to work. You have to open the pores first with a warm and moist towel, then layer it on. Wait for it to dry, which didn't take too long and rinse off well. I think this makes for a great weekly mask not only on its own but also to include in a double mask routine. Anything you use after absorbs with ease.

Origins Out Of Trouble 10 Minute Mask
First time with this one. I thought it was timely that I found it as I have been experiencing break out episodes with hyper oily moments over the past two weeks. I'm blaming it on the usual lack of sleep and stress. This one is suppose to rescue problem skin with Zinc Oxide, Sulfur and Camphor as its main ingredients. It's meant to absorb oil, slough off sticky, dead cells and sweep away debris. The texture is slightly firm but easy to apply and it has a some what of a slight insect repellent scent. It doesn't bother me though. It's great at mopping up excess oils without over drying the surface. It helped calm down the smaller acne bits and feels refreshing after.

I can imagine it being a tad drying for normal-dry skin though. You may want to just use it on spots if you don't have a whole face problem. It is definitely not advisable to use on more serious acne issues, consult a dermatologist. To remove after 10 minutes you have to use a damp wash cloth, as trying to wash it off straight away takes too much time and uses too much water.

This whole routine took me about 25 minutes but my skin felt great! It's like I just went for a facial without the massage. Needless to say makeup sits like a dream... You don't have to use them all together. Really does depend on what your skin needs at a particular time.

You can find the Clinique Turnaround Instant Facial on Clinique's new online store and follow their facebook page for updates. Origins Malaysia doesn't have an online store but you can check out some of their new products at or on facebook.

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