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Feeka Coffee Roasters @ Jalan Mesui

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It's great when one of the many mushrooming coffee places decides to set up shop in KL. The latest Feeka Coffee Roasters recently opened at Jalan Mesui and it's the perfect place to just hang out. It's from the people behind Food Foundry and Butter + Beans at Seventeen in PJ both of which I've only been to once as I really couldn't be bothered to wonder off so far. Apparently the look they were going for is a fusion between the two.

The cafe's concept is inspired by the Swedish term 'fika', which means taking a coffee break with some food. So what you'll find at Feeka Coffee Roasters apart from the good coffee are light foods, cakes and pastries. They use Coffex Coffee in case you're wondering, who also have designed a special blend so as to not overpower the cakes and pastries. Look out for their seasonal blends in the future. They do soy with their coffees by the way!

It's spacious with a simple interior. The oversized hanging light bulbs not only creates a light mood but also seem to be a theme. What I love most about the place, and this beats the coffee and sorts is the natural light that pours in from the air well above the area where they make the coffee. The outside is left as a simple courtyard which gives it an even more laid back feel.

 Here's what I had...

Mocha & Latte

Brioche French Toast 
Delicious. Substituting the normal breads with a light and fluffy brioche is just wonderful. It just soaks up the orange sauce, chantilly cream and the spice in the pineapples. Deceivingly filling.

Meatball Pasta
Spicy. I don't mean chili, I mean spices. It's different and definitely worth polishing off.

Coconut Strawberry Cheese Cake
Dense, moist pound cake with generous coconut shavings. Anytime of day kind of delightful.

Other visits...

Feeka Coffe Roasters | facebook
19, Jalan Mesui,
Kuala Lumpur.
Open daily: 8am-12am

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  1. where is jalan mesui? lol
    but... the main question is: why u no bring me go!!!
    let's go again!!!!

  2. lol =P

    lets!! pick a day - tuesday, thursday or friday?


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