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Silver Pieces At Ollie Jewellery

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I have had an obsession with silver jewellery since forever. Not that I don't like gold, I just seem to be more attracted towards silver. I almost never leave home without at least 6 pieces of silver jewellery on me. That would be the 3 pairs of silver earring on my ears. Then comes the rings, bracelets and necklaces. So I was super excited when Ollie Jewellery got in touch with me.

Ollie Jewellery is an online store that specialises in silver jewellery. The pieces are inspired from fine jewellery designs and are selected for their contemporary and elegant styles. Which makes them loads more affordable. I mean lets face it, it would be a dream to indulge in luxury pieces all them time but if you're the type that likes to constantly change and keep your look fresh then getting pieces that are more affordable makes a lot more sense. Ollie Jewellery has a variety of rings, earring and pendants to choose from.

The silver pieces you find at Ollie Jewellery are made from geniune .925 sterling silver and are rhodium-plated to enhance shine and durability. They are also nickel free. All of their jewellery are hallmarked with the "925" symbol to ensure authenticity of the sterling silver content. This shows that they take pride in the quality of their jewellery.

When I was browsing through their online store I noticed that almost all their pieces were adorned with Cubic Zirconia, safe for a single plain silver one which was actually my first choice but figured I'd go with something a tad more shiny this time. The designs vary from simple and classy to some stand out pieces like those cocktail rings that could make eyes trail.

Eventually I went with simple designs which I thought suited my style best. It arrived within 2-3 days, which is really fast and as Ollie Jewellery prides itself in presentation as well, my new silver pieces sat pretty and safe in a velvet box.

The Clover Studs are love! They or at least one piece is perfect for my helix piercing. And I've been looking for ages for a dressy stand out piece for my helix. I didn't leave the other side out though. I wore the other side on of my other piercings on the same ear. Which means my left ear had a different combination all together. Unconventional? Well, that's the way I like things.

My second choice is the CZ Leaf Ring. Since I wasn't look for a bold design I went for a piece I could easily stack up with my other silver rings as I usually go out with at least two rings on a ring day. Its sleek design stands well on its own if you're not the stacking type. 

The Clover Stud and CZ Leaf Ring has really good workmanship. The edges are smooth and mine arrived without flaws, I checked. Both it's silver base and CZ stones have beautiful shine. The CZ stones seem to be firmly embedded into the silver base. I've been wearing them for a little over a week now and I have not noticed any changes or scratches on them. Then again, I take special care of my jewelleries. 

Don't worry though If you're not sure how to care for silver jewellery. Ollie Jewellery helps you out with that on their website. Basic need to knows would be clean using a soft 100% cotton cloth, keep away from harsh chemicals including perfume and to store in a dry air-tight area. This will prolong the life of any jewellery. Do email them if you have any queries, they are very helpful and super nice!

Instead of going all dressy and girly with my pretty silver pieces I decided to style them with a simple outfit which lets the studs and rings do the talking. It's something I'm comfortable in and would wear variations of it often if I could. 

Photo taken by MRZ Photography for the exclusive use of Chocolate Cats
Photo taken by MRZ Photography for the exclusive use of Chocolate Cats

Waistcoat: from a bazaar | Jeans: Pull & Bear | T-shirt: Mango | Shoes: Zara

Hear's some awesome news for you guys. Ollie Jewellery is giving a 10% discount for my lovely readers with a nett purchase of RM75 and above! All you need to do is enter the discount code FATIN10 before payment. Plus... get RM20 store credit by registering and joining Ollie Jewellery newsletter which can be used with a minumum purchase of RM75 and is valid 3 months from registration. You guys use the RM20 store credit and the 10% discount together. It's super generous and you guys can't miss this amazing promotion! 

*Clover Stud and CZ Leaf Ring courtesy of Ollie Jewellery.

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  1. everything is nice in the pictures! and i love ur heels! y i always cannot get heels i like and match my look one? >.<

  2. Hi Fatin,

    Love your post on this, for me i prefer using accessories that are white gold and silver too. But since white gold are pretty pricey at times, especially for studs. I always result to getting a silver one. So thanks to your recommendation, In Shaa Allah i might give Ollie Jewellery a try. Will ask the hubby to sponsor... hehehe.


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