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GUESS x America's Next Top Model Cycle 20 Top 5 Live In KL

By 23:31 ,

Super awesome to see ANTM Cycle 20 Finalists in person! I really wanted Cory to win obviously because he's crazy fabulous but Jourdan's cool too, those legs! The party was to celebrate GUESS' association with ANTM Cycle 20 which I think is the most exciting ever. Keeping fingers crossed for another Guys & Girls cycle.

The evening saw finalists Jourdan, Marvin, Cory, Renee and Chris making a striking entrance then went on to walk the runway showcasing GUESS Holiday 2013 Collection. There were other models too but hey I was really only waiting for them five. Super hawtness!

I managed to get the final runway walk and part of the interview session. They are just like how you see them on tv. Lol! Why was I expecting them to be something different? Beyond me. Worth the wait to watch the finalists. Still loving Cory!

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