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Charmed By Akiyo Jewellery

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So my Akiyo story begins with... I would really like to say rings as they have some nice ones but since that particular one I liked was not available in my size so I would have to say, some charms and a silver bracelet. Jewellery makes wonderful gifts especially at Christmas.  Akiyo Jewellery has some nice bracelets, rings, necklaces, earrings if you're looking for something for your girl, sister, bff and/or mom.

In fact they have a Christmas collection just waiting for you check out. It's a range of pearl bracelets as well as natural stone bracelets that you dress up with charms. Something different from the usual silver bracelets which they do have if you prefer. These pearl bracelets go for RM89 each.

Akiyo means "Bright, Clear, Sparkle" created to celebrate every special moment of your life. Akiyo is actually a local brand founded by Mandy Ang, which carries an array of jewellery inspired by Japanese and European designs. The pieces are contemporary and stylish making it easy for you to pair it with your outfit or look. Their signature symbol, The Four-Leaf Clover represents a meaning of Life: Faith, Love & Luck.

Apart from the pearl and natural stone bracelets, most of the jewellery are 925 silver and is rhodium plated to keep it from tarnishing. The charms range from plain silver ones to those adorned with Swarovski crystals. There are a few types of bracelets to choose from as well. Mandy believes that each charm tells as story. Which means a bracelet full of charms will have many exciting stories. Each charm is RM89 and simple bracelet is RM149. Don't worry if it's too big, it can be easily adjusted.

Caring for silver jewellery is very simple. I personally stick to the rule, "Last On First Off". This ensures that you don't accidentally spray perfumes or any types of sprays on it. When it comes to storage keep it away from moisture and direct sunlight. I like to keep mine in ziplock bags. Akiyo provides anti-tarnish bags for jewellery purchased which makes it that much easier. As for your natural stone jewellery keep in mind that there's always a possibility of chipping so be careful.

Thank you The Butterfly Project for the invite!

Akiyo Jewellery | facebook
3rd Floor Fahrenheit 88
Parkamaya Bukit Bintang 
Kuala Lumpur.

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