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8oz Eight Ounce Coffee @ KLCC

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When I saw the board up for 8oz Eight Ounce Coffee at KLCC, where Coffee Bean used to be I was looking forward to a new coffee place to hang out at. Had high hopes for it too. Excited to see it open for business yesterday when I walked passed yesterday.

8oz Eight Ounce Coffee has a nice layout with carefully thought off fixtures. Though I think exposed hanging light bulbs seem to be the trend lately. The coffee menu is written on a chalk board mounted a tad too high above the cashier and strained my eyes a little figuring out the words due the font they used. Square fonts aren't really eye friendly. Apart from the limited choices of cakes and savoury pastries, there didn't seem to be any other accompaniments for the drinks.

I found myself going back to stuff I know best, hot chocolate, iced mocha, a dark chocolate bar and a double chocolate mille crepe. Never too much chocolate. Everything looked good when it got to the table but it all when down hill from the first bite of that dark chocolate bar.

The 'cute' coffee art couldn't make up for the terrible Hot Chocolate in any way. Mind you it was RM11 and rubbish. It turned out to be a cup of brown coloured milk with minimal to not taste of chocolate at all. It tasted like a cocoa powder hot chocolate where they super stinged on the cocoa powder. I just left it sitting on the table after a few sips. The Iced Mocha at RM13 however had more taste, one that was coffee biased. I mean how can you hope to get your mocha right when your chocolate base is non existent, so they covered it up with strong coffee. Coffee-chocolate balance? What's that?

The Dark Chocolate Bar (RM14) was visually enticing but the sugar dependence on this one was ridiculous. The base and dark chocolate was just too sweet that it completely drowned the bitterness of the dark chocolate. I mean if you didn't want a chocolate dessert to taste bitter then don't use dark chocolate, the point is lost. Needless to say it didn't live up to its ambitious price tag. As for the Double Chocolate Crepe (RM11.90) it was just flat. It was a brown coloured dessert with no chocolate taste at all.

My total bill came to RM56.55 for drinks and cakes that fell far below drinkable or edible standards. Then again I have fussy taste buds. Given that every new place deserves a try, there will be no next trips for me.

8oz (Eight Ounce) Coffee KLCC
Lot K138, First Floor
Suria KLCC
Parkson side, where Coffee Bean used to be

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  1. this is scary! i love going to coffee places and i too have a very fussy taste bud. by the way you described the taste of their food and drinks, it seems terrible.

  2. O.O I had latte & original crepe on Saturday, the crepe was not bad (better than the one in PJ where everyone seems liking). their coffee is quite strong but not bitter. my fren ordered hot chocolate, she didn't mention anything though, and i forgot to ask her. lol
    i still tot to ask u go with again some other time to try the other dessert (a lot of choices) but after reading this i think u are not going back eh?

  3. Wow. I was just about to say: Heyyy u checked out a new coffee place without me???, but after reading this.. I thought to myself: Thank God I wasnt there! Hahaha. I'd prolly have to encounter that perplexed look u had when u ate some desserts at a supposed hi-tea cafe :P No worries, when in doubt, go Feeka hehe

  4. Passed by this kiosk few times but never got the chance to sit down and order one. But after reading your review.. I guess I really have to think twice before visiting already >.<


Appreciate your comments >_<