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Earth Month 2014 with Estee Lauder Companies @ Mid Valley Megamall

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The Mid Valley Megamall team did a fantastic job at transforming the South Court into a mini ocean using recyclable materials

Working together with their corporate partners, Estee Lauder Companies has opted to focus on a more specific issue for Earth Month 2014. The use of polystyrene has always been a huge problem. The amount of polystyrene cups produced in one day is enough to circle the earth if lined up end-to-end, via an article found on the United States Environmental Protection Agency Website. Here's another one, Americans throw away 25,000,000,000 polystyrene cups each year and that the cups used today will still be sitting in a landfill 500 years from now. That is if it isn't blown away to pollute our oceans because if it's lightweight nature. That just adds to the damage that we have already done to the environment.

The obvious problem is polystyrene containers are non-biodegradable. Hence making it a big threat to the environment. Yet we still use it as it lightweight and provides for good insulation for food. The ultimate aim if even achievable is to do away with polystyrene completely but that may be a bit too ambitious for now. Lets start by reducing the use of polystyrene containers and replacing them with biodegradable ones.

Choose to bring your own containers instead of asking for polystyrene ones.
Sure you'll feel strange at first but it helps loads.

Estee Lauder's Earth Month 2014 message of "Reduce: Adopt Biodegradables. Take Away Responsibly." allows them to work together with their strategic partners Mid Valley Megamall whose theme this year  is "Beautiful Ocean". Especially since polystyrene is now considered a main component in ocean debris.

The "Beautiful Ocean" campaign will be held from 19-30 March at the South Court, Ground Floor Mid Valley Megamall. Held in conjunction with with the shopping mall's first term school holiday programme, booths will be set up by the campaign's corporate partners to disseminate information about the fragility of our planet's oceans. Activities will be held to create awareness on the importance of marine life, marine habitat and sustainable seafood.

Origins, the brand with a conscience has always made a conscious effort that its ingredients are sourced responsibly, it packaging has the least impact to the environment and ensure that there is always minimal wastage. It is widely recognised for its commitment in championing environmental causes. Origins will have a booth at South Court Mid Valley Megamall to raise awareness on the issue of reducing the usage of polystyrene containers as well as to collect cosmetic empties to reduce the amount of materials sent to land fills. Just bring over 3 full size plastic recyclable cosmetics and/or skincare empties from any brand and you will get an Origins sample in exchange.

To illustrate the importance of the message "Reduce: Adopt Biodegradables. Take Away Responsibly."  The Estee Lauder Companies  will make its presence felt at the shopping mall's food court on March 24 for 3 days by supplying all its food vendors with biodegradable lunch boxes for food takeaways. The move will undoubtedly be noticed by the Mid Valley community, comprised mainly of office workers, who usually receive their packed lunch orders in Polystyrene-based containers. It will serve to highlight  the message that we must learn  to "take away responsibly".

Other partners involved in the green endeavour include HSBC Bank Malaysia. Shoppers psneding a minimum of RM350 in a single receipt at any specialty stores (RM250 for HSBC credit card holders) will be rewarded with an ocean-themed shirt that comes in three designs, and Shark Savers, an organisation founded by divers who share a passion for saving the world's shark and manta populations. The latter's "I'm FINished with Fins" campaign to reduce the consumption of shark fin soup has seen the participation of hundreds of celebrities and community leaders.

Note: I do not consume Shark's Fin and have stopped eating Shark's Fin 19 years ago. I also do not approve of the consumption of Shark's Fin. This is due to the extreme cruelty in obtaining it. So if you're sitting at a table where friends or family have opted to order shark's fin make it a point to educate them, heck show them a video on how its obtained. They might and perhaps even dismiss you but you tried and keep on trying!

With so much to offer, and more importantly, its underlying commitment towards shining the spotlight on the fragility of the Earth's beautiful oceans, shoppers are encouraged to take part in the activities of Earth Month 2014 at Mid Valley Megamall. It is time to learn that we can all play a part in helping to save the world's ocean by opting to make the switch to the biodegradable option or by taking our own containers when we choose to take away food.

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