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Be More Than Beautiful - Celebrating International Women's Day With The Body Shop

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The Body Shop Malaysia turns 30 and they wanted to celebrate International Women's Day a little differently from previous years. With the tag line 'Be More Than Beautiful' The Body Shop seek to redefine what society considers as beautiful and to encourage people to celebrate women with substance who are made up of qualities worth pursuing. They looked to Datin Paduka Marina Mahathir, Dato' Ambiga Sreenavasan, Ivy Josiah and Zainah Anwar. These women have made an impact and fought for gender equality, fairness and the empowerment of women and it was very insightful to hear them share their opinions on certain subjects at the media launch earlier. I feel I should mention that Datin Mina Cheah-Foong, Founder and Managing Director of The Body Shop Malaysia is an amazing woman herself. I mean The Body Shop has been in Malaysia for the past 30 years after all and they have managed to raise awareness and make a difference with various campaigns and causes over that period of time.

There really is no true meaning of beauty. Beauty is something you set it out to be. Let's hope it's beyond just looks, makeup, designer hand bags and everything in between. The four amazing women that The Body Shop have chosen are perfect examples and I feel, make really good role models to achieve something that could not only make a change but also be personally fulfilling. Young women should aspire to be something so much more.

"When nobody wanted to discuss HIV/AIDS in this country, Marina stood her ground and passionately campaigned for the cause. The battered, defenceless and abused were Ivy's mission to help. Muslim women who were being treated poorly due to misinterpreted Syariah laws were fiercely championed by Zainah and as for Ambiga, thanks to her, Malaysians became more aware of the electoral process and took the time to go and vote."

"These women have put up with hate, contempt and even death threats but it does not stop them from fighting passionately for what they believe in, for the betterment of all people. To us, this is what being more than beautiful is. e want to highlight their characteristics, beauty, wisdom and inner strength that mainly remain hidden from ordinary views." - Datin Mina Cheah-Foong

The Body Shop wants you guys to celebrate International Women's Day by sharing what it means to Be More Than Beautiful via Facebook or Twitter #bemorethanbeautiful. In return, The Body Shop will send an e-shopping voucher to all respondents. Let's prove that inner beauty can bring about a world of difference!

And as always, thanks loads The Body Shop Malaysia for having me! x

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