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World Oceans Day 2014 With La Mer

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So World Oceans Day 2014 was yesterday but that doesn't mean we ignore the oceans for the rest of the year. It's a life long effort, for generations after us to save the oceans from what we have done to it in a short period of time.

I was honoured I when received the invitation to learn more about what luxury skincare brand La Mer has been doing over the years to help save the worlds' oceans. Created in 1992 and made official by the United Nations in 2009, World Oceans Day takes place annually on June 8. It serves as a time to recognize the importance of the sea as a vital ecosystem and to take action to preserve its delicate habitats and wildlife. To date, La Mer has donated almost USD2 million to organizations to promote ocean conservation efforts.

New Limited Edition design of Crème de la Mer to commemorate World Oceans Day 2014 (100ml – RM1,600)
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photo courtesy of La Mer Malaysia
Sea Kelp - the main ingredient in the legendary Crème de la Mer

photo courtesy of La Mer Malaysia

La Mer celebrates World Oceans Day 2014 through a partnership with the National Geographic Society to help support the next generation of emerging ocean explorer. This year La Mer is celebrating the work of conservation biologist Andrea Marshall. Photos displayed at the session with La Mer are taken by Andrea Marshall.

“La Mer is proud to continue its partnership with National Geographic Society to help improve the health of our oceans,” said Global Brand President of La Mer, Sandra Main. “The ocean is an integral part of La Mer’s heritage, and last year we were inspired by Dr. Sylvia Earle to expand our program by supporting the next generation of women making a tangible impact on ocean conservation. Emerging Explorer, Andrea Marshall shares our passion for preservation and her groundbreaking discoveries have been remarkable.”

Partnering with the Society for the third consecutive year, and building upon last year’s World Oceans Day campaign with the Society’s renowned Explorer-in-Residence and ‘living legend’, Dr. Sylvia Earle, in 2014 La Mer will honor the work of Emerging Explorer, Andrea Marshall, as she continues her groundbreaking research and conservation programs, which help to save globally threatened manta rays, other vulnerable marine megafauna, and their critical habitats.

Aspiring to follow in Dr. Earle’s footsteps, Andrea has programs in Southeast Asia, eastern Africa, and South America, has founded the Marine Megafauna Foundation, and discovered two new species of manta ray.

Marshall’s latest legacy may be the new automated online database [she developed] for manta rays, giving researchers the unprecedented ability to share manta photos and findings globally. A champion of ‘citizen science’, Andrea hopes to enlist ocean enthusiasts worldwide as contributors to this growing photographic archive.

La Mer also had Reef Check Malaysia, a non-profit organisation that engages with local community to raise awareness for the importance of, and threats, to coral reefs, at the event to talk about what's going on with the coral reefs in Malaysia. It's really amazing to see some of the photos of the corals reef we have here. I don't dive and I don't think I will, at least in the near future but that doesn't mean I am going to turn a blind eye to what's happening with the coral reefs in Malaysia. 

photo taken from

Corals are live animals. Yes, seriously. They may not move but are alive and they grow each year. Coral reefs are also the home to 33% of all known fish species. Here's something to shout about, Malaysia is situated in the Coral Triangle, which has the world's highest marine diversity globally. There are an estimated 550 coral species in East Malaysia and 350 in West Malaysia which is worth millions.

However not all the coral reefs in Malaysia are still in tact, some have been destroyed due to various reasons such as pollution, fish bombing, coral bleaching and climate change to name a few. Some may not recover, while other may but that will take 20-30 years or more for them to start growing again.

Reef Check Malaysia is having outreach programmes, talks and workshops to create awareness about coral reefs. They also get various stakeholders involved for the conservation efforts, not only corporations but also the local communities.

photo taken from

photo taken from

Conservation plans and education efforts will not yield results overnight, not even a few months, it's a never ending endeavour.

Thank you loads La Mer for the very insightly afternoon!

To learn more visit:

La Mer is available at the following stores:-
Metrojaya, Midvalley Megamall 
Isetan, Suria KLCC 
Parkson, Pavillion
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