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Review: L'Oréal Professionnel INOACOLOR Care

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It has been two months since I got my hair coloured with the latest L'Oréal Professionnel INOA ODS2 (Read about it here). Wondering how the colour has held up? Well here's how it looks like now...

The colour is still looking pretty vibrant don't you think. I mean the colour has lighten but that's normal for any hair colour. From an initially rich brown now it looks copperish brown. Don't mind the roots, I'm in need of a touch up. I have been using the INOACOLOR Care since my first wash and it's definitely help care for colour and hair.

INOACOLOR Care is the first technology to be developed to prolong the intensity and to protect INOA coloured hair. The INOACOLOR Care system is based on two exceptional ingredients - Argan Oil for intense nutrition and Green Tea Extracts for optimal protection. It consists of shampoo, conditioner and masque.

Before I go on with the products let me just say, I love the scent of the products. It's nothing strong or sickly sweet. Just fresh, fruity and delicious!

The Protective Cream Shampoo which is formulated with Argan oil to replenish the lipids on the surface of the hair fiber for a smooth, shiny finish. It is also rich in Green Tea Extracts, natural antioxidants, that nourish the hair fiber to protect and maintain colour radiance and intensity. It is also SULFATE FREE. This basically means that it is gentle to the hair and scalp therefore will not irritate scalp and will not damage hair follicles! Let me hear it guys, "Hooray!".

Despite being sulfate free I find the shampoo forms into a creamy lather surprisingly well. After washing it off my hair feel clean but a tad stiff. Well that's where the conditioner comes in. Oh and it does a good job at cleansing the scalp.

The Protective Conditioner is also formulated with Argan Oil which nourishes the hair fibers for a smooth and silky finish. It provides a gentle lightweight barrier on the hair's surface to hold colour molecules in and keep environmental aggressors that leads to fading.

What I like about this conditioner is that it's really light and does not weigh my hair, or more like my curls down. The curls still look nicely formed and not stretched even when wet. If you are wondering if it's possible for the curls to look stretched or lose shape. Answer is yes, this usually happens with heavy textured conditioners.

Lets talk masque. I'm super liking this masque. It's a Protective Masque for very dry hair. Also contains Argan oil which nourishes dry hair. The Green Tea extracts penetrates deeply to protect vibrancy of hair colour.

Despite the rich and creamy texture is still does not weigh down my curls. Just like how it was done on my hair while at Albert Nico Boutique Salon, I left it for about 15 minutes in a shower cap but without the cling film, before washing it off. My hair felt extremely soft after. This masque can be used as often as you like.

After going through the 3 steps, then blow drying my hair I noticed that my hair is that much softer, more moisturised especially at the ends and smells great!

INOACOLOR Care and INOA Services are available at selected L'Oréal Professionnel Salons nationwide.

Retail price for INOACOLOR Care:
INOA Care Shampoo 250ml - RM55
INOA Care Conditioner 150ml - RM52
INOA Care Masque 200ml - RM72

*Note: Products provided for L'Oréal Professionnel Malaysia.

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