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Shupette Shu Uemura x Karl Lagerfeld Eye & Lip Palette - Review & Swatches

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The Shupette Shu Uemura x Karl Lagerfeld is already available in stores as I'm writing this review. But if you haven't see it yet or are still comtemplating, read on. As I mentioned in my preview post (read here), this must be one of my fave makeup collections so far. You can't deny it, it's just fabulous in every way.

The Shupette Eye & Lip Palette comes with the Shupette pouch adorned with blue jewels for the eyes. Forget about the praticality of it, because if I start bringing it around it'll change colour in a matter of days, but it's super adorable to add to my collection. The Eye & Lip Palette has a beautiful drawing of Choupette with a reflective background on the cover. It looks chic in all it's prettiness. The palette is slim making it easy to bring it  out with you.

The Shupette Eye & Lip Palette comes with 8 eye shadows and 6 lip colours. The eye shadows have smooth satin finishes, buttery smooth and easily buildable. The lip colours are creamy and varies in coverage. The brighter ones packs a pop of colour with two layers. The colours are divided into two looks, the blue-grey for Parisienne Chic and pink-plum for Tokyo Kawaii. Although Uchiide San, Shu Uemura International Artistic Director has designed for looks for the Shupette Eye & Lip Palette, you can still have loads of fun with the colours in the palette.

Since Lisa Yap, the Education Manager for Shu  Uemura Malaysia and is also one of only nine Shu Elite Artist in the world has already demonstrated the Parisienne Chic look at the demo, I thought I'd try out the Tokyo Kawaii look. I'm, so in love with the plum shade, it's just everything for a winter look. I paired it with the bright red lip colour from the Tokyo Kawaii, keeping my cheeks almost natural with a hint of bronzer and some hilighter on the cheek bones.

The colours on the Shupette Eye & Lip Palette are completely wearable and can easily bring you from day to night with various different looks. I just love this palette! Hope I've helped you decide. It retails at RM350 and is available at all Shu Uemura outlets.
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*Product courtesy of Shu Uemura Malaysia.

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