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L'Oreal Professionnel Vitamino Color A-OX Range : For Amazing Colour & Shine

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I was so excited when this arrived! I have been using the L'Oreal Professionnel Vitamino Masque in the previous formula for a few years. It has been my go to hair masque and I completely swear by it. Read the review here. L'Oreal Professionnel Vitamino Color A-OX is designed for coloured hair - colour perfecting and colour fixing. It is targeted to enhance glow, colour accuracy and colour eveness.

L'Oreal Professionnel Vitamino Color A-OX is formulated with the most advanced anti-oxydant (A-OX) and protective cocktail - UV Filter protects from UV agressions, Neohespiridin fights against oxydative stress and Tocopherol Pathenol which has protective effects. The current range of four products from the L'Oreal Professionnel Vitamino Color A-OX has gone through an upgrade. The shampoo, conditioner, jelly masque and smoothing cream now works to enhance shine and improve colour radiance. It is also meant to detangle and make hair softer. The scent is a tad different from the previous formula, this upgraded range smells more floral which is by no means intrusive.

The Color Protecting Shampoo lathers with ease and I use a minimal amount enough to coat the hair. It cleanses without drying out the hair or detangling it. As a matter of fact it starts to soften the hair. The Color Protecting Conditioner is light in texture and detangles and softens immediately. Now lets talk Color Protecting Jelly Masque, this is some kind of awesome stuff! I love the texture and it makes my hair feels amazing. Think nourished, super soft and light. The Color Protecting Smoothing Cream makes the hair feels supple and easier to style. I use only a small amount through the length of my hair so that it wouldn't be weighed down. Odd as this may sound, despite this range being a colour protecting and glow enhancing, it also helps tame the frizzies. Even by letting my hair dry naturally with the mental curls, it doesn't look all too bad. It also makes blow drying much faster and easier because the hair is softer and smoother. I can actually see a difference after the first wash. But after 8 washes, my hair colour appears more vibrant, clean and my hair amazingly soft and shiny. My hair is looking fab and manageable with texture and body, without being weighed down.

Two new products have also been added to this range, Sulfate-free Soft Cleanser and Sulfate-Free Fresh Feel Masque. The sulfate-free duo is made from plant extracts, 100% vegan with better foaming power. The scent is a combination of ylang ylang, bergamot orange, anise and patchouly. The difference between the original formula and the sulfate-free one is that the sulfate free products helps protect the integrity of the hair fiber. Theses two new products works the same way as the current ones, the only difference is it's sulfate-free. The Sulfate-free Soft Cleanser differs by way of texture, instead of lathering it's a light mousse that rinses off easily. The Sulfate-Free Fresh Feel Masque is gentle and light, leaving my hair soft and shiny.

You could also do an exclusive salon service with the Powerdose Color A-OX after a L'Oreal Professoinnel salon colouring. It is formulated with A-OX complex o enhance colour, Ionene G to take care of hair fiber, Incell which repairs the protective barrier of the fiber and CAtionic Polymer Screen that optimises the fibers hydrophobicity. This treatment ensure that the hair is better protected from water and provides complete treatment of the fiber and gives vibrant, shiny and colour result.

The L'Oreal Profesionnel Vitamino Color A-OX range has been amazing for my hair and definitely a must have for coloured hair. You just have to get your hands on it!  It is available at all L'Oreal Professionnel salons.

*Products courtesy of L'Oreal Professionnel Malaysia.

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