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SK-II Facial Treatment Essence Festive Edition

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Okay so I have been absent for a while, work has just been manic and I also just realised that my blog alignment has gone a tad wonky. I'm hoping to do some catching up and fix the blog soonest. Bare with me guys.
It's five sleeps til Christmas and if you are still looking for a gift idea, the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence Festive Edition might just be the one, especially for those SK-II fans. Unveiled at the SK-II #changedestiny World Festive Edition, the bottles and sets are created to embody qualities that reflect SK-II's #changedestiny ideals - boldness, perseverance and encouragement. The iconic bottles are adorned with butterflies and hummingbirds to symbolise the beauty in transformation and the possibilities of soaring beyond your potential.

Personifying each unique quality - Soo Wincci for Boldness, Cathryn Lee for Perseverance and Josh Kua for Encouragement - the personalities unveiled their change destiny stories and treated guests to a series of musical performances.

Boldness - Red Butterflies
For the woman who embodies and boldness and courage it takes to change her own destiny, this rendition of Facial Treatment Essence is adorned with fluttering butterflies. A ultimate symbol of transformation, the graceful butterfly's inspiring metamorphosis from a caterpillar to a flying flower is representative of the will it takes to change your own destiny, no matter what you born with.  Fashioned in invigorating red, this captivating design and colour express the heartfelt passion and bravery necessary to undertake the journey to transformation.
Encouragement - Pink Butterflies
Tender pink, a colour symbolic of affection, love and trust. This elegant bottle is the ideal gift for someone whose unrelenting support was essential in your transformation. The soft, feminine hues of the graceful butterflies echo that warmth that comes with words of encouragement and there is no better way to show your appreciation than gifting this symbol of transformational beauty to start them on their own destiny-changing journey.
Perseverance - Blue Hummingbird
Although one of nature's smallest birds, the dynamic hummingbird is able to accomplish the seemingly impossible, symbolising the spirit of persistence and dedication. Fearless hummingbird can fly in every direction, and hover by fluttering their wings in the pattern of the infinity symbol, further emphasising this bird as the metaphor for endurance and the power of perseverance in reaching our goals.

The Limited Edition Facial Treatment Essence (230ml) is available as part of 4 SK-II festive sets.
SK-II Iconic Set                        RM  620
SK-II Flawless Beauty Set         RM1,410
SK-II Beauty Blossom Set          RM  852
SK-II Age Protect Set               RM1,181
Also available for a limited time while stocks last are 3 other festive set:
SK-II Pitera Red Butterfly Essential Set         RM  229
SK-II Skin Indulgence Set                              RM2,277
SK-II MEN Smart Set                                     RM  579

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