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Backstage With Bobbi Brown at KLFW 2016

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Ok so this is two months too late but I wanted to put it up anyway. I am also aware that I haven't been updating regularly, believe me I really wanted to but I have been occupied and I have been trying to look for someone that could redesign the blog because I feel like it's looking like a right mess, unfortunately I have had no luck. I'm going to try to get back into the swing of things while continuing my search.

Sometime in August Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week 2016 happened and I got to hang out backstage with Bobbi Brown. It's something I look forward to because I love watching the transformations done and looks created by the talented makeup artists. The looks this year varied from a very simple look to something bold and different. I picked out some of my favourite shots to share with you guys. I also posted some photos on my instagram through out the five days so check out @fatinchocoatecats if you want to see more.

Thanks loads for having me Bobbi Brown and hope you guys liked the photos!

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