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The Body Shop Drops Of Light Review

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The Body Shop Drops of Light range has been in stores for a little while now and if any of you guys are still wondering as to how effective this range is, well I have recently tried out the entire range -  Pure Clarifying Face Wash, Pure Tranlucency Brightening Lotion, Pure Healthy Brightening Serum and Pure Healthy Purifying Day Cream, and here is what I thought of it.

The Body Shop Drops of Light range is targeted to give you a brighter, healthier, luminous and an even skin tone especially where hyper-pigmentation is concnerned. This range is for formulated withh red algae, which has grown for millions of years in the cold waters of the North Atlantic, is known to contain a powerful blend of Vitamin C, nutrients and minerals. Testing has shown that red algae extract has two main actions on the pigmentation process - to help the skin appear brighter and more luminous.

The Body Shop killed it with the packaging for The Drops of Light range. The all white colour choice with rose gold labels give it that minimalistic feel and is well sleek. The  Pure Healthy Brightening Serum and Pure Healthy Purifying Day Cream comes in glass packagings with 'The Body Shop' embossed on it. Seriously so cool!

The Drops of Light Pure Clarifying Face Wash (RM99 - 125ml) is a rich creamy cleanser that doesn't lather very much. It contains Marula Oil to avoid stripping the skin. Unfortunately didn't work well for me. It left a light film on my skin which I had to use a scrub to remove. I used it twice with the same outcome. So I came to a conclusion that this particular cleanser doesn't work very well on oily skin and decided to make do without. This is the only product from this range that I'm not a fan of.

The Drops of Light Pure Tranlucency Brightening Lotion (RM125 - 160ml) has a light gel texture and penetrates into the skin instantly. It also has a light floral scent. It makes my skin feel plump and lightly hydrated. You can either pour this out on a cotton pad or apply with your hands, I prefer pouring it out on my hands and pressing it into the skin.

The Drops of Light Pure Healthy Brightening Serum (RM179 - 30ml) has an ultra light water-like texure that absorbs effortlessly without any tackiness. It leaves my skin feeling supple. I use between 2-3 drops for my face and  neck. This also has that light floral scent. It contains 100% organic, preservative -free, concentrated Community Trade Aloe Vera.

The Drops of Light Pure Healthy Purifying Day Cream (RM149 - 50ml) is so lightweight and nourishing that it's perfect for our hot weather. It sufficiently hydrates and wears amazingly well under makeup without making my skin appear extra shiny. I use about a pea-sized amount for my face and neck. The light floral scent is also present.

To top off the brightening regime I have continued using The Body Shop Skin Defence Multi-Protection Essence SPF50.

On the whole, minus the Pure Clarifying Face Wash, The Drops of Light range has been so lovely to use. The texure on the products are light and is great for my oily skin. It balances my skin while giving it enough hydration and I have not experience any extra oiliness. I recall the first time I used the Pure Tranlucency Brightening Lotion and Pure Healthy Brightening Serum, I woke up the next morning looking at myself in the mirror and going, "Woah I look really bright!". I start noticing a difference after 1 week of use, my skin looked a lot brighter, some hyper-pigmentation due to post acne scarring started to appear less intense and my skin appeared all round luminous. What I didn't expect was my skin to also feel soft, smooth and supple in the process. I like that I can slowly see the effects without my entire complexion turning grey or drained of colour, which usually happens when I try out a brightening range. I highly recommend you check out this range if you are looking for a brightening range. I have been loving it so far! It's also possible to incorporate any one of the products from this range into your current regime if that suits you better.

The Body Shop Drops of Light range is available at The Body Shop stores and

*Products courtesy of The Body Shop Malaysia.

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