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MIFA 2009 - Moving Fashion Forward

By 20:47

MIFA (Malaysian International Fashion Alliance) hosted its 7th instalment of the Malaysia International Fashion Week 2009 (M-IFW 09) at Pavilion between 4-8 November. On the final day I attended a BDA (Bumiputra Designers Association) Fashion Show. It was a glitzy star-studded event. I caught sight of the likes of Camelia, Syafinaz, Noryn Aziz, Nora Danish, Anita Sarawak, Amber Chia, Chef Wan (No he wasn't modelling) to name a few.  

Headlining the show were Tom Abang Saufi, Radzuan Radziwill, Kapas Couture, Syaiful Baharim, Embun, as well as talented young designers, Nik Erwan Roseli, Amir Luqman, Hatta Dolmatt, Azura Couture, Hazree Wahid, Faizell Azraf, Khairi Sufi, Nazreen Idris and Zery Zamry.

Habib Jewels provided the gorgeous blings for the night from its ‘Architechural Collection’.

Check out the Diamond Tiara for Nazreen Idris

The collections showcased by the talented up and coming young designers gives the local fashion industry a boost with their vibrant, fresh ideas and sometimes garish outfits. Though looking at the amount of celebrities used by the designers to model their collection it would have been best themed, 'Battle of the Celebrity Muses'.

There were performances by Syafinaz, Noryn Aziz belting out an incredible jazzy number and Hattan. Syafinaz did a soprano piece which sealed her title as Malaysia's Super Soprano. It was the first time I heard Noryn Aziz sing, wonderful jazz voice. Hattan performed his classic ‘Sekuntum Mawar Merah’ which still sounds great.


Noryn Aziz

Enough of my ramblings, it’s a fashion show, so here are some pictures I managed to take after sinfully indulging in some hors d 'œuvre.

Oh look there’s me! Sexy yet classy dress courtesy of a kind-hearted friend. ;p

Anita Sarawak livened up the atmosphere with her presence. It was one of the more exciting walks of the night.

Anita Sarawak blazing down the runway

Fasha Sandha, Datin Maggie Chung & Anita Sarawak for Kapas Couture

Nik Erwan’s songket affair with vibrant colours was accompanied by a performance from The Fabulous Catz.


Noryn Aziz for Nik Erwan

The Fabulous Catz Opening for Nik Erwan

With Nik Erwan

Amber Chia hits the runway after finishing the filming of Malaysia’s First Ford Supermodel at Lot 10 earlier.

Amber Chia for Embun

Nora Danish for Embun

Amir Luqman opening his own collection strutting down the runway with golden boots and giving the models a run for their money with his fierce walk.

Amir Luqman & his Golden boots

Hazwani Osman had a dress that I thought was rather beautiful. Captivated by it I didn't manage to get a picture of the front view. The side will have to do.

Liyana Jasmay for Hazwani Osman

Kapas couture had a black & white theme to its collection. Its also included a special celebrity model.


Datuk Siti Norhaliza for Kapas Couture

Khairi Sufi is a signature name that depicts glamour, elegance and sophistication.

Aishah Sinclair for Khairi Sufi

Atilia for Khairi Sufi

I rather fancied Zery Zamry's bridal themed collection. The floral headgear doned by the models were too pretty to ignore.

Liyana singing for Zery Zamry

After the evening ended I went around taking more pictures. I wasn't the only one fussing about mind you, so were a whole lot of people. Cam whoring! Never thought I'd use the phrase. Lol!

With Camelia

With Azura

In total I took about 380 pictures. Thats a record for me at a single event. Of course it's not all of me, that would be beyond being self-obsessed, self-absorbed and everything else. I might put up more pics when I have the time.

I personally feel that this year's BDA Fashion Show was more exciting as compared to last year's. Not to mention I was greedily yet happily munching away the earlier part of the evening. Yummy!

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  1. wow....fantastic show!!!! and that lil black look gorgeous!

  2. Fatin

    Just found your blog and so glad i did.

    You look fab fab FABULOUS in that dress!! As good as any of the models in the show :-)

    Thanks for all the great pics of the show as well.

  3. Joey : Thanks Joey.. I love the dress.. but sadly it's not mine.. :(

    Pigita : Thanks Pigita.. :) I'll put up more pics soon..


Appreciate your comments >_<