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Review: Kiehl's Super Multi-Corrective Cream

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A new year, another year older. What better way to kick start the year with an anti-aging product review. Kiehl's Super Multi-Corrective Cream was released some time late last year. I had plans to try it sooner but had to put it on hold as I was having frequent breakout episodes. I blame it on hormones and stress, just had to wait it out.

Kiehl's has taken a multi-functional approach in this latest anti-aging product by targeting multiple key signs of aging. Kiehl's tri-active technology aims to simultaneously lift, firm, visibly redefine skin contours and re-texturise skin within 2 weeks with double efficacy shown within 4 weeks.

Kiehl's chemists focused on three ingredients that until now have never been combined in a cream:

  • Jasmonic Acid: Known to visibly correct wrinkles, fine lines, loss of suppleness and elasticity, while gently smoothing and retexturising skin surface.
  • Beech Tree Extract: Naturally derived sugar known for its ability to improve skin firmness and visibly improve plumpness and density.
  • Hyaluronic Acid: Helps to improve skin's moisture level, skin elasticity while reducing skin roughness and reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

The main challenge with Kiehl's Super Multi-Corrective Cream was formulating a never done before cream base incorporating the three anti-aging ingredients. It took 39 trials and 17 months to get it achieve a stabilised emulsion with Jasmonic Acid, a suitable texture and ensuring hydration without the 'stickiness'.

How the cream formula works:

  • To ensure the delivery system of the three anti-aging ingredients could additionally offer nourishing, anti-aging hydration benefits - a key factor in improving skin barrier and skin texture.
  • To act as a "harder working, multi-tasking" anti-aging solution, one that easily fits into a busy woman's daily routine.

As this super cream is considered a daily moisturiser, you're suppose to apply it morning and night. However I found it to be too heavy for me for day use, I opted for night use only. It didn't agree with my oily skin and made it look all too shiny for the first two days I tried using it in the mornings. Despite applying it at night only, results were still visible.

Kiehl's Super Multi-Corrective Cream comes in a jar so best for you to scoop it out with a spatula. Avoid using your fingers for obvious reasons. Since this is quite a heavy cream texture I scooped out a really small amount and applied a thin layer on my entire face and a little bit more for my neck. The amount you need really depends on your skin type. This cream has a very light plant-like scent.

I applied it using a outward and upward motion. No massaging required but it's always better to apply it upwards so as to not promote sagging. I concentrated more on my laugh lines as there are more prominent. It absorbs well without any sticky feeling, although I do feel it thick on my skin. I think it's because I'm so use to gel textures.

I didn't really notice any difference within the first week as I was using it at night only. So I just continued on for two weeks, which was when I noticed a difference with my laugh lines. It appeared to be a a little softer. I also noticed my skin was more firm with a slight lifting effect.

Three weeks later, my laugh lines softened a little bit more. I also notice my cheeks area a lot more lifted. I thought the effects were not that obvious but some of my friends actually noticed my laugh lines being less prominent and despite my lack of sleep I some how appeared 'fresh', referring to the lifting and firming effect.

Although I still don't really notice much of a change with my face skin texture, my neck skin texture however seem to look smoother with softer lines. Unfortunately I didn't take a before-after photo of my neck as I didn't expect the result to be obvious.

My skin's moisture level also seem to have improved. It's less dehydrated now. However I noticed that this super cream has some what increased my oiliness level as well. Despite using it at night only, my face seems a little bit more oily than before I started the cream. Extra blotting required during the day. My face also seems a little more oily when I wake up in the morning despite using a small amount at night. This is probably the only downside of this cream.

If you have really oily skin or find your skin much oilier after using this product, you could try using it at night only on alternate days. It may however take a little bit longer to see results.

Kiehl's Super Multi-Corrective Cream retails at RM210 (50ml) and is available at all Kiehl's outlets.

*Product courtesy of Kiehl's Malaysia.

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