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Clinique Almost Lipstick - So Sheer, So Fresh

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The much lurved Black Honey will not be flying solo any longer. Clinique has come up with seven new shades to Almost Lipstick. Like the original Black Honey, it's sheer and compliments most if not all skin tones. It ranges from nudes, pinks, violets and reds.  It will no doubt be on everyone's must have list.

This sheer formula allows it to merge with the unique, natural tone of your lips to create a look that's all your own. This emoillent-rich 'not quite a gloss, not quite a lipstick' glides on for easy layering.

The new lovely colours of Almost Lipstick is great for the coming Spring/Summer which means in sunny Malaysia, we can wear it all year round. Woohooo!! The shade I have is Luscious Honey which is a rich sheer red. I wouldn't normally put rich and sheer in the same descriptive sentence but it's the best way to decribe Luscious Honey on my lips. Oh so luscious! :P

It comes in a slim metal tube that is easily slipped into your jeans pocket if you decide to go bag-free for the afternoon. Swatched once, it's a light sheer red and as you can see after three layers the colour gets a tad deeper. It has great colour pay off for a sheer lippie.

It glides on with ease like butter on a hot waffle as I apply it. I'm feeling a bit peckish at the moment which explains the food comparison. I have seen this shade on lighter lips and it looks a light sheer red but on mine it turns a deeper shade of sheer red. It enhances my natural lip color and it looks fresh.

I lurv how it moisturises my lips for the longest time without me having to fumble around for my lip balm. Though the colour comes off after I munch on stuff but there tends to be a hint of Luscious Honey still lingering on my lips.

Clinique Almost Lipstick now comes in all new shades - Shy Honey, Tender Honey, Spice Honey, Luscious, Chic Honey, Lovely Honey, Flirty Honey and of course Black Honey will still be around. This range will be permanent and retails at RM66. Available sometime this month at all Clinique counters.

As with all Clinique products Almost Lipstick is Allergy Tested. 100% Fragrance Free. Dermatologist Tested. Paraben Free.

Note: Product and promotional photos are courtesy of Clinique Malaysia.

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