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Estee Lauder Revitalising Supreme Eye Balm and Mask

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The Estee Lauder Revitalising Supreme Eye Balm and Mask are part of the Global Anti-Ageing range. The Eye Balm is meant to reduce the signs of ageing around the eyes, including lines, wrinkles and crepiness. It is formulated with IntuiGen Technology which helps reactivate skin's innate ability to look younger. The Mask is also infused with IntuiGen Technology as well as an Anti-Fatigue Complex which intensely nourishes and moisturises. Your skin will then look rested, healthy and luminous.

Now I don't think I have tried an Eye Balm before and I'm not so sure how much it can help by just using it once a week. But it has been three weeks which means I have had  three times use. Although I can't see a massive difference but what I do notice is that my eye area is better moisturised for the next few days after I use it. And because my concealer seems to go a tad smoother I can only assume it's also tad firmer. I have to admit though my lines are looking a lot more obvious lately due to lack of sleep. The texture is ultra rich and creamy without any feeling of silicone to it. As it absorbs really fast there isn't much to blot off after two minutes. I do only use a minimal amount. I noticed micro-shimmer particles in both the Eye Balm and the mask which I suppose is to give that instant radiant effect although I really don't see the need for it in balm/mask products.

The Revitalising Mask is also ultra rich and definitely what anti-ageing mask should be like. I have been using it as recommended, three times a week and to leave on for 10-15 minutes, blot off the access and continue with my usual skincare rountine. It leaves my skin feel better hydrated and tad more plump. I wake up with my skin feeling soft. I do notice however after the first week, my skin felt a little bit oily through out than is usually does, so I switched to twice a week which worked a lot better for me.

The Estee Lauder Revitalising Supreme Eye Balm and Mask is something you would want to consider if you are on the hunt for anti-ageing products. The Eye Balm retail at RM240 (05oz) and the Mask is RM300 (75ml). You can also get them at
*Products courtesy of Estee Lauder Malaysia.


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