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Ouai - Smooth Spray, Texturizing Spray & Dry Shampoo

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Well, it has been too long. All I can say is damn I miss writing! I figured I would start with a simple post and it's about hair. I have generally been sticking to the usual products because I have difficult hair that seems to know what it likes. When it comes to styling I haven't strayed much from the hair oils and wax. Although it has been challenging to say the least when it comes to looking for wax that works for my hair. I recently decided to try out some Ouai products after hearing all the hype. I got a set of minis because there is no better way to try new things just in case it doesn't work out. So I picked up the Smooth Spray, Texturizing Hair Spray and Dry Shampoo.

The Smooth Spray is a pre-style product meant to act as a hydrating leave-in conditioner, detangler and heat protectant in one. It is enriched with amino acids, vitamin E and strengthening proteins. The texture is light, really easy to work it into the hair. It did a good job at detangling my hair and help smooth out frizz when styling but.. yes there is a but. My curls did come back as it naturally would after I blow dried or after a quick run through with an iron. It was just really smooth without the curly bounce. A good option if you are going for a straighter smooth look but. Unfortunately I didn't fancy that type of look very much.

The Texturizing Hair Spray is halfway between hairspray and dry shampoo. Formulated with volcanic primers and flexible polymers to amplify 'oomph' and create 'grip' for styling. I feel this is a good introduction to a texturizing spray. It gives a light hold and offers enough grit to give the hair a soft texture, nothing crazy. It leaves no residue. I like using this when my hair is feeling a bit meh to give it some life.

Now, dry shampoo for me is life especially since I don't wash my hair everyday. The Dry Shampoo not only absorbs excess oil but is also a great option to extend the longevity of your blow dry. The super-fine formula doesn't weigh down my hair and it doesn't leave behind any residue. Does a good good job at absorbing oil in between washes. Due to the light texture, I find that there's minimal build up which is great. The scent also helps with getting rid of any smells. Although I liked using this, I wasn't particularly blown away. Maybe because I already have my favourites.

As a whole the packaging is simple and aesthetically pleasing. And all three products smell really nice. However I probably wouldn't purchase the full size to these unless I really needed a texturizing spray. I got these at Sephora in case anyone wants to have a look.

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