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I attended the Clarins Power To Try Workshop organised by Miu from together with Clarins on 22/08/09. As it was called Power To Try, I had a chance to try a range of products from Clarins which suited my skin. Basically I left the workshop with my skin feeling amazing and a new love for Clarins. The following Monday I rushed over to the Clarins Counter at Isetan KLCC to get my hands on the Starter Kit for Combination/Oily Skin. Yes, I am cursed with terribly oily skin. Though some have said it is a good thing, something to do with the skin not aging too fast. I just do not see it. Lets leave that for now. 

The Kit costs RM68, which is a steal considering the size the 4 products came in.

1) Gentle Foaming Cleanser - 20mL

A soft cream cleanser enriched with purifying Micro-Pearls and Tamarind extract; a plant exfoliator, ensures ultra gentle, yet highly effective cleansing; eliminating traces of impurities and dead cells. Fresh, invigorating fragrances and rinses off easily.

2) Toning Lotion - 50mL

An alchohol-free lotion that refreshes the skin while respecting its natural PH and moisture level. Contains Witch Hazel and Aloe to purify and soften skin.

3) Hydra Matte Lotion - 15mL

Helps to stimulate the skin's natural moisture mechanism where the skin needs it and also provides continuous shine control on the T-zone. Promotes a matte appearance, softens skin and tighten pores.

4) Pure and Radiant Mask - 15 mL

This non-drying comfortable mask rinses easily and is suited even for those with sensitive skin. Pink Clay and Alpine Willow Herb purify and refine the skin's texture, natural Tanaka powder removes oil, impurities and dead skin cells that can make the complexion look dull.

Pore Minimizing Serum - 15mL

This serum was not included in the Kit. It is was part of the samples I got when attending the earlier Calrin's workshop (A 15ml sample!). This serum helps to minimise enlarged pores and their changing condition as they age to ensure flawless skin. It gently tightens and instantly purifies enlarged pores as well as slows down any changes pores may undergo. It also brightens, smoothes and evens skin texture, helps to prevent skin slackening.

I have actually been using the Hydra-Matte Lotion and the Pore Minimizing Serum in addition to my usual skincare products which are non- Clarins. Even by combining it with products from other brands there has been some improvement where oil control is concerned. So I have decided to use the whole range to maximise the results. Starting tomorrow I will use these 5 products continuously for 7 days and review the results then. (If this works I can actually stop hunting for oil control products for quite a while). Stay tuned..

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  1. Hi there,

    There's a new and more worthy limited best buy set similar to yours. It's also RM68 ;)



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