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Carmex Cherry Flavoured Lip Balm

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Carmex is not exactly well known in Malaysia. Correct me if I’m wrong but I do not believe Carmex has ever entered our market. Though some of you out there may have heard of it. The nearest place you can get a Carmex lip balm is from a neighbouring country to the south. I however get mine from a very kind-hearted friend that brings them back for me when she comes back for holiday from the UK. :)

The Carmex Cherry flavoured lip balm was introduced some time in October 2008. Its their first flavour in a jar since introducing the original in 1937. It has a bright cherry scent that is so yummy and it contains SPF15 sunscreen. It comes in either a tube, stick or a jar. I have a thing for its classic .25oz jar. This lip balm soothes, heals and protects. The active ingredients are menthol – kills germs and relieves discomfort, camphor – alleviates pain, phenol – kills germs, exfoliates and gently numbs sore lips and sunscreen agents.

When I first opened the packaging there was a strong whiff of the cherry scent. It got stronger as I opened the jar. I quite liked the scent as it was not one of those sickly ones. The contents reminded me of Vaseline’s Petroleum Jelly. Of course it does, they have the same base ingredient, Petrolatum. The texture is some what similar, not too hard so that its just enough for you to run you finger over it and apply on your lips. It goes on clear.

As I applied it (liberally) on my lips I noticed a tingling and cooling sensation. Rather refreshing! The sensation comes from the menthol and camphor that is found in the lip balm. It goes away after a while though. It does not have a super shiny effect that some of the other lip balms have. I’m fine with it. There is however no presence of cherry flavour, it is just the scent. Would have been more interesting if there was actual flavour. :)

This is not the type of lip balm I have to reapply ever so often. It lasts for about 3-4 hours or at least until I decide to have lunch or dinner or munch on something. It really softens and moisturises my lips brilliantly. Come to Malaysia Carmex!!

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