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dr-Cafe Coffee @ Solaris

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dr-Cafe Coffee @ Solaris, Mont Kiara

Brief intro:
A coffee company from Saudi Arabia established in 1997.

Guest reviewer:
Simon the Quacky Duck - Met Simon at the Quacky Run earlier in the day.

What's the place about:
Your usual coffee place round the corner. They have a good selection of single origin whole beans, mugs, cups, thermos, french presses, drip coffee makers and other coffee paraphenelias. Unlike the usual coffee places that only has the day's newspapers, they have books for you to choose from only for reading in the outlet though.

Welcoming & friendly. The decor is very stylish yet cozy. The chairs are comfy. ;p 

Admiring the decor..

Comfy chairs ;p

Coffee & non-coffee drinks.

Sandwiches, cakes, muffins, not too sure if they serve hot food.

Order on my 1st visit:

1) Cookie Frappe RM14.70 (Tall) - An ice-blended drink. Blended together with a whole medium-sized chocolate chip cookie. The sweetness to this drink is most likely contributed by a cookie syrup.

2) Double chocolate muffin RM6.30 - Basic muffin mix topped with sugary bits. Served warm. 

What I think:
The measurements for the Cookie Frappe was nicely done. Though I thought the frappe was a bit too smooth. It would have been more exciting if the chocolate chip cookie was coarsely blended instead, leaving small chunky cookie bits to munch on. This frappe is worth a try.

As for the muffin, texture was soft but rather dry. What I found a bit strange about this muffin was why call it a double chocolate if it doesn't have chocolate chips or chunks. Technically this would just be a plain Chocolate Muffin as it lacks a double chocolate hit to it. I don't recommend this.

Simon says:

He enjoyed the drink but didn't think very much of the muffin. It was dry making it hard for him to swallow.

Overall experience:
Good. Mostly likely to drop by again to try other drinks & perhaps a cake. Price for ice blended and muffin is slightly more expensive compared to other coffee places.

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