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Clarins Starter Kit for Oily/Combinaton Skin Review

By 16:08

It has been over a week now since  I have started using the 5 products for the oily/combination skin from the Truly Matte range. I must say I was a bit sceptical at first as to whether there will be such a big difference by using the whole range. Well, huge difference!

I wouldn't say it has been totally shine-free but the shine control lasts a lot longer. My face usually gets oily an hour after going through my usual 4-step routine. With the Clarins products the mattified effect lasts hours.

The Walk for World Pink event was the best time to test out the products. Outdoors, warm humid weather. The perfect condition for the oil glands to go on overdrive. Here is the time line.

330 - Cleanse, tone, serum, moisturise, sunblock, light foundation, loose powder.
400 - Left home.
415 - Reached car park near tower.
445 - Registered. Walked around. Took pics. Ate stuff. Checked out the tents and hampers. Took pics.
630 - The walk was on.
640 - Started feeling sweaty.
650 - Face was a little sweaty.
700 - Picked up the pace. More sweat on face. Felt icky! Assumed face would be oily by then.
705 - Back to start point. Used a towel to dab off sweat from face. Note that I did not wipe off.
710 - Dying of thirst. Found water. Took pics. Reviewed pics.
720 - Shocked! Face was only slightly shiny!
830 - OMG! My face was not reflecting the flash too much.

Take a look at the before walk and end of night pics. Did not touch up my face with any powder. Hardly even blotted. There was still a little bit of shine but still looks presentably matte.

5:00 pm & 8:30 pm
This is the time line for Sunday. Did not do much running around but was still out and about. 

1220 - Cleanse, tone, serum, moisturiser, light foundation and loose powder.
1245 - Ready to go.
 145 - Left home. Went to street bazaar. Went to Bangsar Village & pasar malam.
 445 - Home. Blot. Slight oilyness on the t-zone.
 600 - KLCC.
 830 - Home. Blot. Well it was nearly 8 hours. Surprisingly still not as oily as my usual oily-self.

1:45 pm / 6:45 pm / 9:00 pm

I only blotted twice, more out of habit than anything else. I did not touch up at all. No reapplying powder or anything of the sort. Usually by the end of the day my face is so oily that I could fry stuff with the oil collected from it. Totally disgusting!

Individual product review

1) Gentle Foaming Cleanser - It was light and non-drying. Though the feeling after the wash needed a litlte getting use to. At first I felt that my skin was not clean enough. Perhaps because I'm used to stronger cleansers that strip the moisture from my skin leaving it dehydrated  and tight. With this cleanser my skin felt comfortable.

2) Toning Lotion - Since it is alcohol-free it did not irritate my skin. It was very soothing.

3) Pore Minimizing Serum - The texture is light and it does not take long for it to absorb into my skin.

4) Hydra-Matte Lotion - The texture is also light. It moisturises without making my skin feel oily or heavy.

5) Pure & Raidant Mask - I felt so mattified after washing this off, Lol! Have only managed to use it once. I applied a light layer. It has a smooth texture and went on very easily. It only required cold water to wash off after 5-10 minutes.

Overall I find Clarins Truly Matte range has manage to control my oily skin amazingly well. But I think the effect will only last as long as I use the products. The oil glands will  be back on track once I stop using them. Hmm.. No points for guessing what skincare I will be sticking to at the moment. ;)

For those with oily/combination skin, Clarins Truly Matte range is definitely worth a try. Sure its a little bit pricey but think of it as an investment to always be camera ready..

*Note : The pics above have not been retouched and/or editted to reduce shine.

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