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Two Monkeys Cafe - Eat With Monkeys

By 17:36

Looks Fancy :)

Why am I standing around..

Two Monkeys Cafe @ Jaya One, PJ

Whats the place about:
A new place to eat, drink and hang out.

Chef's Recommendation:
The Special Platter - Enough for 3-4 persons.

Skewers with special marinade (Specialty), Other meat dishes, Pasta, Salad, Soup.

Coffee, Chocolates (Hot chocolate so satisfying), Wine, Cocktail, Mocktail, Water.

Order this trip:

1) Black Pepper Beef Skewer - RM15.90
Served with garlic mayonnaise. Beef was tender and juicy. It just melts! The marinade always makes my mouth water. Black pepper was not overpowering, complemented the beef well. Love the beef!

Keep it coming!

2) Mix Grill - RM32.90
Beef, chicken & lamb were all tender and juicy. Herbed vegetables still crispy. Mash was smooth. Light gravy completed the dish. It leaves you wanting more.

So much meat!

Enough meat for 2

Mine! All Mine!

When to eat there:
When you are feeling carnivorous, hungry, peckish or you just want to eat something.

What to do while there:
Have fun with the Monkeys!

Look! Monkeys..

Fleas?! Where??

Nooo!! Not the wall!

Pheww! It could have been me up there!

Overall experience:
Fun! Amazing food at a reasonable price. Relaxing atmosphere. The owner even came over to say hi! :) Will be going there more often. Come & join me..

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