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Gucci Cruise Collection 2013 looking fabulous!

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I am suppose to be clearing my backlog today but who am I kidding, the most I can probably do is two posts and getting started is just so hard. It really is a lazy Sunday.  I came across Gucci Cruise Collection 2013 while googling stuff and gosh the collection is gorgeous! 

The style is retro with feminine elegance, sheath dresses (love these), flare trousers, keyhole blouses, bohemian-inspired dresses and bias-cut midi skirts. The colours are cooler, from blush to burgundy, pastels are back, very feminine hues. The prints, can you really ignore the prints. This season it's flora and snakeskin but I have completely fallen for the florals.

Accessorise with long Y necklaces, skinny belts, strappy sandals, platform sandals, floral print shoulder bags and don't forget the aviators! Fabulous!

Back in a bit with stuff that I'm suppose to have done. :)

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