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Showdown 2010 - Finals

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This time last week I was at KL Live for the Showdown 2010 Finals! I've been at KL Live every Wednesday since the Live show started. Its come a long way since the KL auditions in One Utama back in January (click). 7 months on it all came down to a battle between Giller Battle Crew and Wakaka.

Its been an interesting first season. As the competition went on you could see that which ever crew survived learnt, grew and got better. But some were just better than the rest. Apart from Maple & Joe, there were two guests judges for the finals, Boudeng Edruce & Bboy Choco from Taiwan.

The last 3 crews standing at the finals were Floor Fever, Giller Battle Crew and Wakaka.  I think everyone who followed the show could already guess which crews would be in the finals...

Floor Fever has showcased great choreography, has been entertaining and shown that it's not all about breaking. FF always comes up with great choreography, though at times they may look a bit MTV-ish. But they got serious style. They're final two performances at the finals were beyond amazing! By far one of the best in the whole competition. It had energy, attitude and everything else. They definitely have bigger things waiting for them.

Lurv the drumline intro

An explosive performance!

One word comes to mind when you mention their name - FEARLESS! Maple's favourite word for them. Giller Battle Crew always danced for their fans, has grown and gotten better at other styles as the show went on and has definitely managed to capture the hearts of new fans. GBC in every performance always danced with heart and they're technically strong when it comes to breaking techniques. Their Michael Jackson show was their best ever. They raised the bar so high it made you wonder if the other crews could be anywhere near as good. Khenobu's potrayal as the late King of Pop was near flawless! (His talent is just god-given.) They took a risk in their first performance in the finals with the shadow routine. It was different and unexpected. Their second performance was just so GBC. Soul & Style!

Very cool!

*♥ juicy ;P*

I've never seen a chair do that before

GBC Yaawww!

Wakaka has always had a big fan base, has never been at the bottom four to battle for survival (I stand corrected coz I can't really remember), and been a bit different at presenting themselves, perhaps having Alam, of So You Think You Can Dance fame, has also helped. Try as they may to be versatile I always found them to be too theatrical. There's just not enough actual dancing going on through out the competition. Just look at their final battle with GBC, I found it to be full of acrobatics, gymnastics, and too many other tricks. It looked like a circus act!

Circus act anyone?

Since it depended on viewers votes,  Floor Fever didn't make it to the final battle. And all expected an epic battle from GBC and Wakaka. It would've been really cool if it had been Floor Fever and GBC though! The Stylustiks (Dj Uno, Dj Ceaser & DJ Fuzz) provided the beat for the final battles. Phreaking awesome!

The Stylustiks

And then there were 2..

Air Mon Yaww!!
Thats phreaking high!

Juicy does it better!

Bboy Choco mentioned at the end of the final battle that it should've been longer. I agree with him. They could've made do without guests performances by Kraft & Tomok! It's a dance show, it should be packed to the max with dance performances. Would also have been great to watch the Top 6 get more air time.

L - Kraft (Master of Freestyling)
R - Tomok (Winner of One in a Million S3)

Guest performance by the Funky Girls - Danced to Lady Gaga

Backyard Revolution Crew
The lil boy lookin good

Feasible Crew

Funky UX Force

Soul Krazy - Go Girl Power!

Borneo Soul Breakerz
Bboy Safwan & Bboy Gaban not around.. :(

Famous Crew

Soulja Boy :)

Top 6

If there's one thing I never liked about reality shows is that it always depended on viewers voting. In Showdown it meant that, which ever crew that has most fans, best at promoting themselves regardless whether they are deserving, will win the competition. It would've been better if it was a 50-50 system of judging which would be 50 percent viewers votes & 50 percent judges votes. Total dependency on viewers votes would leave you with the judges looking like they did when the winners were announced. I couldn't figure out their exact expression but it looked a lot like appalled & disappointed! Lol!!

Winners announced

Much lurv for GBC
*sob sob*

Winners of Showdown 2010 - Wakaka

But all in all its been a great first season and I'm looking forward to Season 2! Much Lurv & Respect! (I've never used this phrase so much than I have in the past 3 months.. :p)

*Note: I'm a Dancer who has had the privilege of learning and training under various amazing instructors in various styles & techniques. And I've never stopped learning.. ;)

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  1. great photos. i am looking forward for season 2 also.

  2. missed it.. will try to watch it online when I'm free~

  3. kelly: yeah the finals was fun! gbc!! lol

  4. jean: i'm gonna watch it online again too.. ;p

  5. floof fever!!!!

    reow reow


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