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Shu Uemura Neo-Tokyo Odyssey Collection Preview Party

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If you're looking for fancy lashes, go to Shu Uemura! Everyone knows that. ;) Their Tokyo Lash Bar 2010 latest collection is dubbed the Neo-Tokyo Odyssey. It's futuristic, bold & will definitely get you noticed! Reminds me of something that came out of Star Wars, in a cool way.

Shu Uemura held a preview party for Shu fanatics on Thursday last week at Mid Valley Center Court. The set up they had at Center Court was simple, clean with a lot of silver & white.

What made Shu fans excited about this preview party was the part where you get to try on their latest lash collection, get a picture taken and upload it onto Shu's facebook. The picture with the most votes will then win RM800 worth of Shu products. Safe to say I was only there for the lash experience since I'm never going to do a "like" contest again or for a very very long time..

Shu Fans: Elle, Alexis, Miu, Stellar & Kelly

With Candilicious & Ying Ling

There are 5 new eyelashes for this collection - Neo-Reflector, Neo-Sparkle, Neo-Fringe, Cosmic Chain & Space Twist. The lashes were worn by these white monkeys that are all the rage in Japan currently. They look cute! Photo op!

Tokyo Lash Bar 2010 Neo-Tokyo Odyssey Collection
"These fashion statement for the eyes will propel you into the fantasy world of your wildest dream"




Cosmic Chain

Space Twist

I tried on the Cosmic Chain lash which I was so fascinated with!! Got my pic taken & uploaded. Went around with the lash for another 10 mins for more pics on my camera after. :P It felt slightly heavy though but it looked phreaking cool. I'm not sure if I'll wear it out in the day, but then again you'll never know what to expect from ChocolateCatsZ, always strange! Lol!

On me: Cosmic Chain
On Aileen: Neo-Reflector

I think John would've blended in nicely with lashes.. ;)

Shu also prepared some delicious snacks and refreshments from Delicious Cafe for peckish Shu fans. The dessert bits were oh so yummy!

And to round things up a lash fashion show & makeup demo by a Shu make up artist themed "Flaggy". Models were walking around showing of the new collection with beautiful makeup & outfits to match. Even people passing by couldn't help but stop & stare at the lashes on those models. That was how cool they looked.

Creatively cool!

I look so out of place here

If you lurv falsies, drop by the nearest Shu Uemura outlet and check out their latest collection. It's really something out of this world!

For uploaded pics of Shu Fans & their lash pics visit Shu Malaysia's facebook. And don't forget to vote for your favourite one. I don't mean me.. ;p

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  1. yay good memory of that night! ooo u choose the same lashes wif stellar! gr8 looking!

    xoxo elle

  2. Shu Uemura always have the coolest lashes! I wish I win the facebook photo contest.. lol

  3. elle: i think my brain was on overdrive from too much sugar.. lol

    yeah i think those were really cool! :)

  4. jean: i've already voted for you.. hope you win! *keeping fingers crossed* :)

  5. I love zeee monkeeesss !

    Wish i had one instead of the lashes :-)

  6. the monkies are cute! kelly took a pic hugging one of em.. & i had a hand in it.. lol!


Appreciate your comments >_<