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Chocolate: Ritter Sport's Summer Release

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Ritter Sport Limited Edition for Summer 2010 is here! I saw this while doing my usual Sunday thing at Bangsar Village Grocer. This German chocolate brand has released 3 new flavours - Stracciatella, Waldbeer Joghurt (Yoghurt Berries) & Pfirsich-Maracuja Joghurt (Peach-Passion Fruit Yoghurt).


Filled milk chocolate with a cream of milk and chocolate chips

OMG! I'm lost for words with the Stracciatella. Its heavenly! The milk cream is so smooth & rich. The generous sprinkle of chocolate chips lends a perfect balance to the milk cream. The milk chocolate gorgeous as always. Every square millimetre perfect!
*thinking of a Stracciatella ice cream now.. ;p*

Waldbeer Joghurt (Yoghurt Berries)

Filled milk chocolate with Wild Berries (blueberry, blackberry and strawberry) and yoghurt.

Pfirsich-Maracuja Joghurt (Peach-Passion Fruit Yoghurt)

Filled white chocolate with Peach-Passion Fruit and yoghurt.

If you like the original Ritter Yoghurt, the two new yoghurt ones would be just like the original but with an exciting fruity twist.

I wanted to be greedy and buy all 3 but there's too much choccies as it is in my fridge. So I decided on the Stracciatella first and the other 2 next week.. *droolzzzz* I'm still a die hard fan of their Marzipan & Butter Biscuit though.. *sigh*

Ritter / chocolate fans out there, you just have to get these gorgeous limited edition yummies!!

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  1. oh wow this is THE BEST CHOCOLATE I HAVE EVER TASTED. i'm just wondering do you gys export to trinidad of the caribbean. i would sure like to see some of those ritter packs on the grocery shelves.

  2. hi :)

    i think it's best if you find out from your local supermarket if they can bring it in..

    i just blog about yummy stuff i come across.. do come back.. :)


Appreciate your comments >_<