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Ben's @ Pavilion

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It's been there for the past month and I only realised last week that it's already opened. Well, I don't exactly walk around the 6th Floor of Pavilion much.

I lurv what they have done to the place! Great nautical feel. Almost as though I was really eating at a seaside restaurant. White wooden panels line the walls, white wooden louvers fixed at the windows, black and white photos decorate the place with sunlight shining through. Feels really relaxing! Now what would make it perfect if I could walk out to the balcony and have a beautiful view of the seaside before me. But that's not happening. Lol!!

Having a Latte which was a tad too milky for me..

Home-made Salt Beef Sandwich - RM23.90
with sliced cheddar cheese, spicy mustard and country white bread and 4 colour chips and pickled gherkin

I remembered the first time I had a Salt Beef Sandwich at a Traditional Jewish Deli in London ages ago. I have never forgotten the taste, it was just lucious and tasty. Salt beef is beef cured in salt, pepper and spices which tenders due to the brining process.

Ben's Salt Beef Sandwich was rather nice. The beef was juicy and tender but personally I think it lacked flavour. Perhaps it wasn't cured long enough. However the bread was fresh, serving it with chedder cheese is completely optional but they could have done without the coloured chips. Having gherkins with Salt Beef Sandwich is a must for me because it just brings out the flavour of the beef a lot more.

Wagyu Beef Pie - RM22.90
with carrots, onions and bay leaves

I do seem to like my beef pies don't I.. lol! Well the Wagyu Beef filling was well seasoned and the beef tender. The pastry however was slighltly on the dry side.

Macadamia Cheesecake Sundae - RM10.90
ice cream, caramel & macadamia cheesecake chunks

Creamy vanilla ice cream, sweet caramel though not as gooey as expected. The macadamia cheesecaked chunks was rather disappointing as I didn't taste even a hint of macadamia in it. Unless they were refering to the whole macadamia's which was generously mixed into the sundae.

Chocolate Rocky Road Cake - RM11.90
peanut cream & chocolate mousse with a rocky road mix on a biscuit base

Since this is a traditional American Rocky Road mix, don't expect any jelly beans, cherries or desicated coconut in it. With smooth and light peanut cream and chocolate mouse layers, this was a heavy dessert. It is slightly on the rich side but some how I felt it lacked taste. The big pieces of marshmallows on top was enough to eat with the cake as well as my coffee. *grinsz*

Don't ask.. :P

Level 6
Pavilion KL
Soon to open at KLCC Level 1

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  1. the macadamia+ice cream thingy just made me it as good as it looks?

  2. well.. for me it was not too bad.. but my partner in crime liked it.. so yeah you should give it a try.. ^^


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