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Clinique Service As You Like It

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A latest concept from Clinique that you will love! The brand new must-see store has manage to redefine the traditional concept of a prestige beauty brand counter recently opened at Mid Valley, Kuala Lumpur. You will be able to get multiple levels of service and new ways to shop. Yayy!!

Service As YOU Like It  caters for Women look for different shopping experiences based on their mood and they want to be able to browse but also want service on demand. Being aware of their consumer needs you can either opt for self service or full service.

 Let me tell you about the "self service" concept first, Play and Pay sounds fun to you? It sure does to me! ;) This eliminates the part where the consultants come to you and ask whether they can help. You can walk around the various sections and play with the colours, foundation, try out skincare at your own time minus the stalking. Finally we get to shop being completely at ease with our surrounding. We might even buy more stuff!

Or you can ask for a "full service" which offers a one-on-one consultation if you have the time and assitance on choosing the right products for you. The consultants will be able to educate, inform and recommend products that will cater for your needs using unique-to-Clinique tool which include the iconic and updated Clinique Diagnostic tool and two-way Diagnostic Mirror. I have seen myself in that mirror a few times and it scares me everytime. My skin is a mess!

The new store at 493 sq. ft. is spacious and very open. The layout gives out a friendly and welcoming vibe enticing you to browse leisurely. It would not be complete without Clinique's classic Skin Care Bar. I was so taken by the Colour Bar that I was secretly wishing I had one of those in my room. It houses a vast array of Clinique makeup that you can just sit and play around with it for the longest time. The  Foundation Bar caters for every skin tone and type that it makes it easy for you to test the shades. It is grouped my skin types then shades from light to dark.

Skincare Bar

Colour Bar

Foundation Bar

Here's something new, the Bestsellers shelf. It displays the current top 10 bestselling products, so you can have a look and see if you want to try anything from the shelf. The Newness Tower showcases new product launch, the current display being the New Repairwear Laser Focus. Are we missing something? Oh yes, Sun, Body, Fragrance and Body Supplies for Men can be found on their specific easily accessible shelves.


Newness Tower

Sun, Body, Fragrance & Men

Clinique's new concept and store layout would appeal to a loads more people. Do drop by for a whole different shopping experience!

Lot FK-01, 1st Floor (Outside Voir)
Mid Valley Megamall
Tel: 22876487
Opens daily from 10am to 10pm

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