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The Cream & Fudge Factory @ KLCC

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I'm always sceptical when a new dessert place opens up and claims it has "The Best.. something or other". So when I saw The Cream & Fudge Factory finally opened at KLCC and saw their tageline, "The Creamiest Ice Cream On Earth" I didn't believe them! Lol! But something new deserves a chance so I tried it out.

The menu looked quite exciting with a variety of ice cream flavours with a long selection of toppings and mix-ins ranging from chocolate fudge, m&m's, brownies, strawberries, chocolate chips, it's almost endless. You can either create your own or choose from the Cream & Fudge creations. I found out that the ice cream is from Australia, which meant that it could be yummy. :P Though if I'm not mistaken the franchise is owned by a US-based company.

If you want to "Create Your Own Ice Cream", first you have to pick you ice cream flavour or flavours, then pick a mix-in and whether you want to have it in a waffle cone or a waffle bowl. Then you can stand in front of the counter while they hand fold the ice cream and your mix-in of choice on a cold marble stone. It's like playing with your food!! I should ask them if I could do it next time. Looks fun!

My Ice Cream Choices of the Day

Vanilla & Chocolate Ice Cream with chopped Almonds and Bananas in a waffle bowl - RM16.90

Cookie Dough Ice Cream with Brownies and Chocolate Fudge in a waffle bowl - RM11.50

Peanut Ice Cream with Duo Chocolate Chips and Chocolate Fudge in a waffle bowl RM11.50

The ice cream is definitely creamy! Though it may not be the "Creamiest on Earth", it sure does satisfy my craving for a good yummy ice cream. It's smooth and I can taste the flavours clearly. Gosh I could even see the vanilla seeds in the Vanilla ice cream. The toppings and mixes are of a good quality and fresh. As for the price it does seem a bit pricey but the other premium ice creams brands are just as expensive.

I dubb this "My New Hang Out Place"! *winks*

Don't forget to get a stamp card
For every RM20 you get 1 stamp

2nd Floor, Ramlee Mall,
They also have an oulet at Fahrenheit 88, Bukit Bintang

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  1. yummy!!! more food to make me fat

  2. come on nik, at least its yummy!! worth every calory! *slurps*

  3. Fatin!! I pi try makan kat sini lepas baca your entry (i hantu ice cream! :p) and OMGGGG serius sedap sangat ice cream diaaa! Thanks to u Fatin. TApi i tak dapat kad stamp tu :(

  4. reena: addictive right!! last week i pergi 3 times! they only give the card if you spend more than rm20.. next time bring a friend along, then can also try different flavours.. ;)

  5. mmm...can't wait to give it a go..

  6. tried the chocolate truffle sensation last monday. Nak lagi!!

  7. Munz: hope you've tried it and lurv it!

  8. Sanchez: you might get addicted to it.. :-)


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