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Brush With Fashion: Finale Rehearsal @ Pavilion

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After over a month of preparations, "The Big Day" was finally here. I was roped in for The Body Shop's Brush With Fashion competition about 2 months ago and I'm extremely glad I said yes!! It started with the smudge charts, the drawing board, the discussions and now the final rehearsals. Super excited that I was finally going to see everything come together.

I got to Pavilion about 740am and it was just about to start. Some of The Body Shop staff had been around since 2am setting up the stage and sorting out various things that needed to be done before anything could go on. This was the first time that The Body Shop finalists, PJCAD finalists and their models would be rehearsing on the runaway and believe me it wasn't as easy as it looked as when they had the earlier rehearsals at the PJCAD badminton court. The timing had to be right, table and chairs had to get to the runway on cue, the music and lighting had to sync in with everything that was going and everyone had to know where to stand and walk. Mini accidents on stage wouldn't exactly be a pretty sight!

I felt like Santa's lil elf helping out with the door gifts :)

Catching up with some of the finalists, some were really nervous, some appeared calm but admitted that it may have not sunk in yet, a few were sleepy. Well it was a bit too early to be up anyway. Lol!


All smiles so early in the morning

The finalists - patient and anxious

Daphne Iking, who was to be the MC for the event was there about 830 to know what was going on and to sort out the timing as well as what to do. She looked great even at that time of morning. I mean I still looked half asleep. :P But after a cup of Caramel Hot Chocolate I was ready for anything!

Looking sleepy at 8am *yawn*

By about 1015am the rehearsal was over and everyone headed off to be prepped and get their hair done. The Body Shop finalists were prepping their models with base makeup before hand as only 20 minutes will be allowed for them to recreate the final look for the competition. The PJCAD finalists were around to make sure their models had the right hair style as chosen before hand to match with their designs and makeup.

1 hour to go before The Body Shops' Brush With Fashion Finale... Next post.. :)

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