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Bristol - Patisserie Valerie & Bourjois

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Before catching the train to London, we had breakkies at Patisserie Valerie on Park Street. Yesterday's Cherry Tart wasn't enough for me. This one is 10 minutes away from Oni's place. If I lived that near, I would be there every single day . And yes I said breakfast! :P

So many cakes to choose from. I have never had to make such a tough decision for breakfast. Unconventional I know, but it's me we're talking about here and Oni is always game for anything.. well, almost anything.

9:00 am - Ahhh.. breakfast!! Slices of heaven..

Mille-Feuille - £2.95
Butter puff pastry layers filled with a vanilla fresh cream confectioners cream with fondant topping.
The puff pastry layers were light and buttery. But the star of this slice has to the vanilla fresh cream. Smooth, rich, gorgeous!!
Blackforest - £2.95
Chocolate sponge layers with whipped cream, black cherries and real kirsch liquore.
Can't go wrong with a classic like this. Everything was just right, light sponge layers with rich cream and juicy cherries.

Since we were rushing off for an early -ish train, we tried finishing the generous serving of cake at break neck speed. Heavenly even then.. *sigh, droolz*

I was suppose to put this in my previous post but completely forgot. I picked up these Bourjois blushers with limited edition Spring 2011 designs. I bought 1 in Paris and got the other 2 from Boots. Pretty huh! These baked blushers were created in 1863 and are now somewhat iconic. The Spring 2011 design by Juliette Buré pays homage to its Parisian heritage.

More to add to my collection of blushers..

One of my many purchases that I could have done without but I was on holiday, I had to buy stuff.. :P

London here I come..

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  1. i'm drooling just looking at them.. :P

  2. it contains liquer, isn't that alcohol? is it halal?

  3. well anonymous..

    the issue of whether food/dessert containing alcohol is halal or haram is open to debate. when alcohol or liquor is added into food or dessert, the alcohol content evaporates during the cooking process. therefore what is left is merely the taste and smell. in this case when the cherries are cooked with kirsch liquor, the alchohol content evaporates and what is left is the taste that enhances the flavour of the cherries. 0% alcohol mind you. i highly doubt that eating a Blackforest cake is "memabukkan".

    now if you look at it strictly, the all beloved Tapai could be considered haram. after the required period of fermentation to make Tapai, it essentially contains 15% alcohol. it does not evaporate as it is not cooked. so one is knowingly consuming the alcohol when one eats Tapai. fermented any longer it will become Tuak which is "memabukkan". it has been argued that this is not considered haram because the content of alcohol is low.

    talk about double standards. Blackforest with evaporated alcohol is haram but Tapai is not?!?

    but in some Arab countries, anything that contains alcohol is "memabukkan".

    this is a matter that you have to sort out yourself. it depends on your conscience.

    my conclusion is, if in doubt do not eat it!

    please note: this is my personal view.

  4. for reference:

    "memabukkan" means to make you drunk

  5. Drunk 'n' Merry9 June 2011 at 01:19

    I prefer everything cooked with an alcohol!

  6. drunk 'n' merry: awesome!! try not to get to tipsy ayh.. lol


Appreciate your comments >_<