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Au Revoir Paris, Hello London!

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*shakes head* I know this is long overdue and my trip was about early March but I finally managed to set aside some time to catch up on posts for my Bristol/London Trip.

Wished I could have stayed a tad bit longer in Paris but.. actually I could, I just opted to visit my mate in Bristol and hang out in London instead. Lol! I'll be back Paris, I always do. Took some photos with Glam Team before I left, they left for the airport about the same time. Versace the cutest fluffy dog wasn't around coz it was Sunday, so I couldn't say goodbye to him. *sad*

With Suzie Adnan - Editor of GLAM Magazine
She's super nice!

About 830 am

Boarded the 1120 Eurail to London. Sat with a few strangers *awkward*, finished up my short article on my experience in Paris with Mifa & Glam for Glam Magazine April issue. Err.. I haven't mentioned that before have I. I'll scan & post soon. Got to St. Pancras in about 2 hours, turned my watch back an hour because of the time difference and made a quick run to get to Paddington Station to catch the train to Bristol. Missed the 1 o'clock by a few seconds *cripes*! Had to take the 2 o'clock, which gave me time to grab a bite. Before I forget, London was just as cold!!
Gare Du Nord

Being on the train back to Bristol was all too familiar. But my daydreaming was rudely interrupted by a dodgy looking dude who was trying to hit on me. There were so many empty seats on the train, for cripes sakes why me?!? Plugged in my ipod and ignored him, he went away eventually *phewh*.

345 - Bristol Temple Meads!! Yayy!! By now Oni, the friend I was there to visit was already calling to see if I made it there in one piece. Lol!! Was at her front door 20 minutes later. *lotsa hugging* Well, last I saw her was about 4 years back! * abit younger then.. lol!* Super excited to see her! Chucked my bags and off we went grocery shopping. Oni just got back from Italy the night before so her fridge was next to empty.

Oni's place, cosy. She shares it with her housemate Keith, who I don't seem to have a photo of >< 

I miss grocery shopping at Waitrose & Sainsbury!!! We wanted to buy everything! *greediness* It was strawberries and cream for appetizers, pasta for mains and chocolate gateau cake for dessert. *i'm drooling as i'm typing this.. feed me*

We headed home to get dinner started. So much catching up to do, couldn't stop talking, planned for London. The evening went by so fast. Early day, Monday..

Yum! :)

Read more about my MIFA/GLAM Paris Photoshoot Trip:

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  1. Sigh Fatin.. You really know how to enjoy life =)

  2. i was due for a holiday and this one came just in time.. so it was a must for me to have loads of fun! :)

  3. argh. I miss london. I even miss the "fine" weather hahahah.
    ok time to save up and go back for a looonnng holiday.

    or maybe hubby will get seconded there? hahahahha.

  4. when we're there we complain about the weather, then we get back here, we kinda actually miss it.. so wierd right.. lol

    go back and make sure to stay there long enough to do everything.. including walking down memory lane.. :)


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