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Bristol - Lido Restaurant & Spa and a Walkabout

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Oni had been telling me about her fave hang out place so much, I began to wonder if it was even real coz it sounded like the most dreamiest place to be. We got up early Tuesday morning and and after a 10 minute walk, there it was. Didn't really look like much from the outside but when we got in, "Woww!!" I could just stay there for the rest of the day if not the week. It's called Lido Restaurant, Spa & Pool and it was just a dream to be there!

I super lurv the interior. It was warm, welcoming and so cosy. The dining area overlooks the 50m pool which had steam coming out of it due to the heating meet cold air outside. Yeah, people were swimming at 930am in 7 degrees!!

Brownies greeted me as I walked in. They said, "Beautiful morning in it, please eat me!" *chomp chomp*

The flapjacks said the same..

Tea in pretty containers

The breakfast menu was basic and simple but no complaints from me, Oni said everything is nice. Should I have ordered everything then. Overdoing it a tad bit you think. I settled for Toasted Fruit Bread with Maple Butter and Hot Chocolate (as if I would drink anything else!) and Oni had the Sourdough Toast with Preserves plus Coffee fix. My kind of breakfast. *sigh*

Hot Chocolate - £2.95

Lovely :)
Toasted Fruit Bread with Maple Butter - £2
Sourdough Toast with Preserves - £2

After planning world domination *evil laugh followed by cackle* Oni took me on a tour of the place. Gosh I would have loved to stay longer but Oni had to rush off for work and I was left to my own devices. We didn't realise it turned out to be a 2 hour breakkie!

I walked down Park Street which took me about an hour or so coz I stopped at almost every shop. It had loads of indie lables, was nice to see different sort of things.

Oh look, Bristol Cathedral. I had my graduation there years back. More happy memories! *smiles*

After a few attempts to take photos of myself with the Cathedral in the background, I finally gave up and walked towards town. The plan that day was to make it to the new shopping place!

Part of Bristol Harbour

Watched loads of musicals at the Hippodrome back in the day

Couldn't stopping munching. Picked up something from Greggs.

The rest of my afternoon/evening was spent walking around with snack stops in between. I was just happy soaking in the Bristol air. Off to London the next day!!  Up to more mischief.. ;)

The new shopping place. It was big! No wonder the old part was empty.

Another must try - Patisserie Valerie

Hot chocolate! - £2.70
My third for the day. So so yummy!!

And a Cherry Tart to go with it - £3.35
Oh so moist and delicious!!

Their signature Blackforest Gateau. Just look at all that chocolate...

And by the time I left, the sun left too..

If you are ever in Bristol you have to drop by:
Oakfield Place
Bristol BS8 2BJ
Reception: 0117 933 9530
Restaurant: 0117 933 9533

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